Happy Monday…

Monday Morning

 Today I got up and it was so beautiful and peaceful out I just know God is watching us…I feel a song coming on.


This really is a beautiful song.  Last night I said my rosary.  It’s my go to prayer and I slept well.  I hope everyone is praying because God really is there and he’s listening.  Everything is going to be okay.  Here are some pictures and a short video of my Monday Morning.

I haven’t posted in awhile b/c someone commented that they read my blog so they could see my fat, ugly, old face.  You be the judge… 😉 . They will remain anonymous. Oh and I deleted the comment because this is my blog and I get to be the editor.  It’s my happy place, no room for that…sorry.  I talked to my mom and she told me I should pray for my enemies, but I’m not that generous and she told me she would.  I asked my guardian angel to do it for me so I figure I’m covered.

So many things have changed since then that I don’t care about that, I just know that I miss all of you so I’m going to post and write about this quarantine and national emergency.   I hope you are all doing well.  All the trials I have been through I have learned they were really a Blessing.  It’s God’s grace.  He’s setting the table and He will make sure that you have everything you need.  Keep the faith ❤ . 

 Stay safe everyone and, “Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can…Arthur Ashe.”

Blessings ❤ .

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