SoCS/Animal Sounds

Thanks Mz. Linda for the prompt this Saturday…Which is Animal Sounds.


I’m not really sure how the prompt turned into this.  But I just did what I was told to and did my stream of consciousness 🙂  I guess b/c animals made me think about my family in Wisconsin and then that brought me all the way home to my family…We are blessed to have each other.  Me and the husband spent all day remembering the good times b/c there were so many of them.  I hope you enjoyed my journey.  Looking forward to Song Lyric Sunday and it’s suppose to be in the 50’s tomorrow so Y A Y for that, but it is Chicago and they are already talking about a winter storm for the week soo Boo Hiss to that !!!  Enjoy the Saturday evening, we’ll be watching our Blackhawk’s and they won last night Y A Y, still have a lot of ground to make up to get in the playoff’s.  

We had date night last night, so fun.  We went to dinner and a movie.  We had dinner at Cooper’s Hawk and went to, “Call of the Wild.”  It was soooo much fun.  Love going out with the husband.  He took Friday off OMG (never happens), but he even had fun not going to work.  

Sun was shining for two days and it made a huge difference in my step and I found myself smiling more and thinking Spring is right around the corner.  Days are getting longer, but I fear that the corner is a couple of miles away…Hope your weekend is going good and everything is happy in your world.  

I’ll at least end w/something about animal sounds…Spending my summer’s at the dairy farm one of our favorite activities (remember we were just kids) was chasing the cow’s.  The uncle’s (Bub & Joe) did not appreciate this because this was a dairy farm and we would get the cows so nervous by chasing them all day that sometimes their milk supply was not the best, but what did we know.  We were just having fun.  We always enjoyed milking time b/c my uncles would call the cow’s into the barn.  They would do so by yelling for them saying, “Ca Boss, Ca Boss.” At least that’s what it sounded like to me. Then the whole herd of them would come right down out of the hills and into the barn.  All of us cousin’s would just make mooing sounds.  The cows never came for us when we called.  Maybe it was all the harassing that we did. Great memories from back in the day ❤ .

We’ll talk again tomorrow, aka sing for song lyric sunday ❤  Blessing’s Blogger’s ❤ …



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