Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday Blogger friends ❤  It’s snowing again, woo hoo…Not, but after all it’s still winter here.   I’m going to start this blog off with some music.  This song is one of our favs.  When it comes on the radio, we just look into each other’s eyes and Remember When.  Our favorite line is at the end, “Remember when, we said when we turn grey, when the children grow up and move away, we won’t be sad we’ll be glad, for all the life we’ve had and we’ll remember when.”  We have a lot of songs ❤ … after 43 plus years ❤ …

The roads are good thankfully because I have errands to run.  I got the new apple watch and I love it !!!  It’s so much fun learning how to use this technology.  My Connor told me you should just work at the Apple store because you are there all the time.  I’m there a lot because I take the classes so I can learn how to use these products.  It really is very cool learning about all of this technology !!!

I love that you can change out the watch bands.  The guy teaching the class said there are literally hundreds of colors and types so I’m looking forward to building my collection.  It’s also a really good tool for exercising.  I told the husband he needs to get one.  He’s a runner so he could see so many stats with his running.  Who knows I might even start excercising 🙂    I like not missing any phone calls or messages.  If you are thinking about getting one, I think it would be a good investment. 

The watch also can feel if you fall and has an alarm on it.  If you do fall and don’t turn it off, it will call emergency.  How cool is that.  I fall alot, (IDK why) so that feature really said to me, you should buy it 😉  I also like how you can dictate msg’s and just send them, but you should make sure it says what you said before you send it.  Sometimes that can get wonky with the auto speech 😉  I’m sure you know what I mean.  If it gets wet, it automatically shuts the door so the water doesn’t ruin it.  Very cool 🙂 because my hands are always in water i.e. doing dishes, cleaning whatever yadayadayada…

I’m thankful so for the husband, he really spoils me and takes such good care of our family.  I am blessed ❤ and I thank God everyday for his grace and watching over our family.

Getting ready for the weekend Y A Y…and it’s February ❤  The days are definitely getting longer and I’m going to start planning the Spring/Summer…How great is that. Happy Almost Friday, Happy Thursday ❤




4 Comments on “Thankful Thursday

    • Thanks Mz. Cheryl…Hope you and the family are doing well. Be glad when this snowy weather changes to warm sunny spring days. Love Ya ❤

    • Time passes too quickly but our motto is, “Enjoy every sandwich 🥪.” Believe you me, we so do!!! Thanks for stopping by bcp 🌹🌹. Happy Friday 🌹🌹

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