Happy Thursday

I’m just going to sit down and write a blog.  No agenda, I’m just writing.  I am in my January, “I hate winter !!!” doldrums !!!  OMG we haven’t had sun forever.  I mean really.  So I have just dived into my planner, I love my planner.  That always gives me purpose and peace.  I forget that it’s January and I look forward to Spring.  I’ll just stay in hibernation for another month and wait for March.  The Blackhawk’s will be back on the ice on Saturday so Y A Y for that.  I don’t really care about pitcher’s and catcher’s anymore either so I don’t get excited when they report.  The only thing I like about that is that it means the winter is almost over. J2HxvQCJRsCGJ2vd5fqEVQ

Love doing my planner for Valentines Day.  I have a special kit for that.  Looking forward to the Super Bowl.  I don’t really have a dog in that fight, but  I get to cook and make fun food ❤  That’s always good.  So it is Happy Thursday and I blogged !!  Y A Y for me ❤

4 Comments on “Happy Thursday

  1. Looks good anyone who has never enjoyed hocky is crazy.We learned a long time ago how much fun it is to watch that puck go flying by. We lived in Houston,Tx and my husband was an ast. timekeeper fro the Apollos ( our next door neighbor was the timekeeper) and we got to know some of the players . Good times.

  2. I’m a baseball person so, yeah, I’m excited for it to start again. Beautiful planner spread. Nice to see you.

    • 🌹🌹All of my boys always say Pitchers & Catchers I’m just all about hockey. There is not a sports 🏀 season that they do not ❤️ Baseball ⚾️ Football 🏈 Basketball 🏀 Hockey 🏒 Golf 🏌️‍♀️ and OMG we can’t forget about the NCAA’s and your brackets!!!! 😉

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