Mama Dollar & Papa Dollar

Good Monday morning blogger’s, I hope everyone is getting ready to have a great week and preparing for the Holidays !!!  I know I’m really looking forward to them.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, Matthew, Connor and his new wife Melissa our new daughter-in-law, made it home.  We celebrated with dinner at the husband’s favorite restaurant in the city, Chicago Cut.  He’s a salesman and that’s where he takes all of his customers.  He’s got his own table with killer views of the city.  Very impressive and I know that always makes him feel good to share this with the family.

I also got to kill two birds with one stone and create our family’s Christmas Card which is always a great thing to do and get it done early…

Merry Christmas card 2019 🎄🎄

I think it turned out great !!! My favorite thing about it is #frainsthename, thank you so much Melissa.  She’s the one who came up with that and I just love it.

Of course it’s going to be a long week because it’s the holiday’s so the funds are low, if  you know what I mean.  Of course the husband has it covered so it’s all good.  Here’s what the week kind of looks like from one of my favorite movies…

I have plenty to do around here while I wait for, “Mama Dollar and Papa Dollar.”  It will be my planning week.  Making lists, setting up my planner and Christmas TN and getting the Christmas Cards mailed.  My Christmas TN planner I ordered from India !!!  It’s the featured image of this post (isn’t it beautius ??  I just love it).  I kept the package and everything it came in just because it was from India…OMG  I hope your preparations for the holidays are going good and not to stressful.  Just about finished with the decorations and things are shaping up.  I’ll post some pics when I’m finished.  My Christmas list is long and I hope Santa is feeling generous this year 😉  Pretty sure he is, because he rarely disappoints.  

Merry Christmas


7 Comments on “Mama Dollar & Papa Dollar

  1. Cute Christmas card. The Traveler’s Notebook looks fun. I’ve never done a Christmas planner. Have a great week.

  2. We loved the Christmas card! The photos from your thanksgiving in the city looked terrific. I am sure you all had a great time.

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