Thankful Thursday

Good Morning Blogger’s, it’s almost Friday Y A Y !!!!  It’s been a very long, cold week OMG.  It’s only November and we have had January weather which is not good.  It has snowed, I mean really snowed.HPcmovJGRxi1pbId73jYZg

The temperatures have smashed records.  That’s right, not broken records S M A S H E D !!!  We got down to 9 degrees the other night.  I am so done with the midwest but I’m pretty sure we’ll be here for at least another couple of years.  Having told you the winter weather forecast, my furnace went out last Friday.  Of course it did.  The first year I didn’t get it ready for the winter, it dies.  I thought I had a little bit of time.  I’m still waiting for Indian Summer, hellooo…

I had the furnace guy come out right away and he said he checked it all out, cleaned it up and said it looked like a dirty pilot light.  Whatever, it’s working and he left.  Only problem, it wasn’t working.  All week I could not get it above 63 degrees.  Then when I called him to come back, he couldn’t get here til yesterday evening.  He discovered it needed a new filter, really OMG.  The husband just changed the filter not 2 weeks ago.  Of course he looked at me with that “Yeah, right,” look.  But I gave the look right back at him that said, “Why didn’t you check the filter last time you were here ??” Hmmmm…

I thought it would be nice to have some music for the rest of my story and this is a good song for Thankful Thursday…

Back to my Thankful Thursday and yes it’s having a furnace that works and a warm bed.  One of my dreams is to go to Alaska.  I thought yesterday when the furnace was still not working, “How could you ever survive Alaska if you can’t take a little chill ?”  I got my mind right and moved on.  It really wasn’t that bad and I got this gorgeous new, “Coatagen” that’s what they call it.  It’s a real heavy sweater that I got to snuggle in all day yesterday.  I know we’re spoiled.  Getting up and turning up the thermostat and having heat.  

Quick little story…My grandmama (mother of 7) she was Italian and Catholic 😉  raised her family on a farm in Wisconsin.  She had 2 oil stoves that she would start up in the morning.  There was a vent upstairs right above the stove.  We all would fight over standing on this tiny square vent that was the only source of heat for the upstairs.  We all loved staying with her though.  Family is the best.  I have too many cousins to count ❤  She lived a grand life, very simple.   I learned so much from her and those experiences.  Pictures of all of us ❤ .  Great memories ❤IMG_0886

I’m in the middle with the red, white & blue shirt and pigtails w/an attitude 😉  Oh and we added 2 cousins after this picture…  Thank you Aunt Patti for making us take this picture.  

Looking forward to tomorrow…TGIF ❤  Today’s good too, Nails ❤ and it’s warm in my house !!!  Y A Y ❤  THANKFUL THURSDAY ❤

4 Comments on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Isn’t Josh Groban just the best? Understand living on the cool side seems to be my lot in life. But…I servive …or another day and another winter.

    • Me too ❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️. I really like having four seasons ☃️❄️☃️. Thanks for stopping by, stay warm 😉

  2. Hope your heat starts working better SOON! It’s been January cold here in Virginia – & we actually had snow the other day in NOVEMBER for the first time I can ever remember. Blessings ! 💨🤗💨

    • I know, right…I have 2 boys out in VA and when I talked to one the other night, he said there was snow…Crazy, right. So I have 3 on Richmond Ballet, 2 of my boys and my son’s new wife is a ballerina on Richmond Ballet. It’s time for the NUT i.e. Nutcracker has begun ❤ I don't know where you are in VA, but they're in Richmond so you should go see the Nutcracker and you could see my kiddos. They all are amazing performer's. TGIF have a great weekend ❤

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