Two for Tuesday

Good Tuesday morning from the deep freeze of the Midwest.  I mean really, why do we have to deal with this so soon.  And my furnace is not working, ughhhh.  I already had the furnace guy out here last week when the cold first started and he couldn’t find anything wrong with it.  It’s one of those things that it always seems to be fine when he’s here and then when he leaves it stops working and he thinks I’m crazy !!!  No I’m not crazy, just really cold.

I want to show you what the Artist has been up to.  About a month ago we were invited to a gallery to hang some of his paintings.  I put the link to the gallery below.  Also that is one of his paintings hanging in the gallery.  I also will post some of the pictures I took at the gallery when we attended an open house…  


The picture below was painted by the daugher of Eric Soderholm who was on the Chicago White Sox.  He was the 3rd baseman, Number 12 on the 70’s “Southside Hitmen !!”  It is a really great painting.  I think that’s her mom too, Mrs. Illinois ❤ . That’s the owner of the gallery on the right .origins-6-web-08z

 We had a great evening with all of the artist’s.   Our family is a part of that very special community.  Below is one of the new painting’s that the artist is working on.


Happy Tuesday…Stay warm

3 Comments on “Two for Tuesday

  1. We thought the White Sox were going all the way in ’77. Needless to say, they didn’t, but they got much closer than we ever thought they would.

    • I remember. I met the husband in 76′. Our first date was Sox vs. Milwaukee Brewers when they were still in the American League. Then we spent 77′ out at Comiskey…We are still Southsider’s all the way and yes we hate the Cubs…Funny story our 4th son was walking through the kitchen one day and he said to me, “Mom, why do we hate the Cubs??” I told him I didn’t know and he should just go ask his dad. Hey I’ve been married to the man for 40 years and it works so I still hate the Cubs IDK why 😉

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