Two for Tuesday

Good Morning Tuesday, hello fellow blogger’s ❤  It’s a great day to be alive, of course everyday is a great day to be alive.  Today it’s going to be Two for Tuesday.  I’m going to do some self promotion and get the Artist’s selling some of  his painting’s.  I hang them all over my home and they really make it home.  I get to look at the pictures and think of him.  He puts so much of him into each of  his painting’s. I think some music would be good ❤

Today I’m going to post a couple of the painting’s we have in an exhibit at the local library.  This is a real honor to hang his painting’s where the world can now see them.  I’m his biggest fan and I know (and have always known) that it’s just a matter of time until the right person sees it and everything is going to change. He will get to live his dream of being an artist.  He say’s, “Death is always a good career move when your and artist,” speaking about an artist like Vincent van Gogh.  I don’t accept that and I certainly don’t want that to be his next career move 😉

We have sold some of his art work, and have a website on Amazon i.e. Handmade by Amazon…below is the link.

We also have some of his artwork on a FB page, I thought I’d put that link up too…

Here are my choices for Two for Tuesday.  I hope you like them…


He loves boats and the water.  He has done many pictures of both. The October apples is one he painted for me ❤ because he knows I love the Fall and October is my favorite month.  

I hope you’ll go check his work at the Amazon site.  We are working on a new website that is strictly our’s…Elan Creations.  I will keep you advised on it’s progress.  One more thing…If you see a painting you like, we can also make it into stationery i.e. cards or pretty much anything you would like.  

That’s all for today.  Have a great day and Happy Tuesday in your corner of the world 🙂 .  Of course the Featured Image is also one of the Artist’s Masterpiece. This is one of my fav’s.

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