Monday’s Masterpiece…

Good Monday Morning blogger’s.  Hope everyone had a restful and productive weekend.  They go by way too fast, but we got so much done !!! Doing Fall space cleaning and getting ready to decorate Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room for the holidays.  Not sure about the details but I am looking forward to them so Y A Y for me…

Today we are going over to the local Public Library and setting up an exhibition of the Artist’s work.  They are giving us an entire wall so we are very excited about that.  After we get it all set up, I will post the exhibit.  Being an artist is hard and it’s all about getting seen and baby steps.  Very excited though…

Here are a couple of his latest works.  This first one speaks for itself, “The King.”

The King

These next two are of the Last Supper.  He’s still got one more panel to do.  This first panel is kind of interesting.The Last Supper/Apostles (Patti & Mike)

He said he got the inspiration for this image was our picture.  He is the apostle on the right with the folded hands.  Now obviously he was not an apostle and that’s suppose to be me, resting my head on his shoulder.  Looks nothing like me 😉 .  Below is the picture he was using for his inspiration, IDW.  Who knows how Artist’s process stuff.Patti & Mike

I’m thinking this next panel is in the middle.  It is Jesus with more of the Apostle’s.  That Apostle in the red is obviously Judas because he has the bag of gold he got for turning Jesus in.  It’s all in the details.  His painting’s are never boring ❤ .

Jesus & The Apostles/The Last Supper

Hope you enjoy his Masterpiece that’s in progress.  He really is so very talented.  He does enjoy painting a lot of religious pictures. Have a great week blogger’s.

Below is how it looks sitting on my fireplace mantel…He keeps the unfinished paintings up there right in front of him so he can look at them when he’s in the living room watching T.V. Just a little trivia about the artist 😉 .

Three different shots as my camera can’t get the entire thing in it’s window…

2 Comments on “Monday’s Masterpiece…

    • Thanks Mz. Janet. That’s because he made the apostle into kind of a self portrait 😉. I don’t think that He was one of the apostles . I’m suppose to be the apostle resting his head on his shoulder and I know that sure doesn’t look anything like me…It’s just the artist being wonky w/one of the great masterpieces ♥️

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