Hello Thursday

Yay the sun is shining and it’s early, way to early to be up.  Husband forgot his phone, so yes I had to get up and let him in to get it.  At least he didn’t miss the bus so I didn’t have to drive him to the train.

Still getting my bearings back from the road trip and yesterday I got all new windows.  So you know how it is when you are walking over workman all day. You get nothing done but the windows look amazing and I love, love, love my home. Like   Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home!!!”  Now onto redecorating the remaining spaces, Kitchen, Dining and Living Room and the Guest Bedroom ❤ . Hope to have it all done by the holidays.  I’ll be posting pics so stay tuned.  We were going to move, but we hate moving and we really love where we are right now.  It’s simple and easy ❤  So we are staying put ❤ .

Here are somemore pics of our youngest getting married.  It was a beautius wedding and she was a stunning bride !!! It definitely was what every mother & father hopes and dreams about for their children.  I say, “Thank You,” for the privilege of  being Connie’s (Connor’s) mom.  He is every parents dream child.  Actually they both have been such a blessing (son Matthew/The Best Man) ❤ .

Melissa + Connor

Connie was so touched seeing and feeling the love from his big brother, Matthew. He said to me, “I caught Matthew crying, no way he can deny it now 😉 .”  I was pretty much crying through the entire ceremony.   Here’s some really great pics ❤  Enjoy ❤



Welcome to our family, Melissa #frainsthename #frainforever  ❤ .

I can’t end this post w/o mentioning are friend’s who also made the trip out east with us.  These guys are the real deal when it comes to friends.  We have been on this journey together, happy times and sad, good and not so good, for 40 years !!!  Yes 40 years and as everything is posted now #bestfriendsforever, #wearefamily .  We will  love you both for the next 40 😉 .  Thank you for sharing this special day with us ❤ .

I guess the husband’s didn’t get the memo when the photographer told us let’s take a funny picture, #toocoolforschool…I know, I’m old but I still have a great time, #agreatlife and I love blogging.  It’s almost Friday, Y A Y !!! Let’s have a great day ❤ .  Oh yes one more thing, the husband painted the, “Happily Ever After” announcement picture that was set up at the Reception Venue ❤ .

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