Y A Y it’s Friday…

I just wanted to stop by and say, “Thank You,” for Friday.  Thank you for another day.  Thank you for the husband who takes such good care of me and the family.  Thank you for my future, it looks really exciting and that’s a great thing considering I’m 60. I was not liking the whole 60 thing, feeling very wonky about it.  But today I woke up and it’s okay.  So much to be thankful for and so much to look forward too !!!  My Connie (Connor) is getting married in a few weeks so I’ll be the Mother of the Groom.  Isn’t that just the best picture ❤  I absolutely love it ❤fullsizeoutput_4afb I really should put up my favorite song of all time.  It is the theme song for me and the husband.  I tear up every time I hear it. The video is dated, but it’s all about the music and the song ❤ 


Hopefully I’ll get the dance thing done i.e. the Country 2-Step.  A road trip Y A Y !!!  Our best friends forever will be going and I’m so excited about that.  They really are part of my family and we love them dearly ❤  We are staying at my favorite hotel in the world.  Just think Gone With the Wind and those beautius stairs…I’m still trying to get the husband to carry me up those stairs but I don’t want to kill him.

The Stairs
Rumor has it these are the stairs used in my favorite movie, “Gone With the Wind.” 🙂

So I’ll be back later, I just felt like putting up a post today.  I just feel so good and I am so happy and life is really great.  So today is Fantastic Friday and I’m in love with my life.  I am blessed ❤  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m going to try to do SoCS too, but me and the husband (artist/not his day job) are showing off some of his pictures at an Art Fair.  How cool is that !! IMG_3046

This picture is one of the pictures entered in the art fair.  It’s part of a set.  This is the, “Piano Man” in his Jazz Band Collection and  the other one thats entered is the featured picture on this post.  He’s really good and it’s only a matter of time til he’s discovered.  That’s not why he paints though, he just loves to create.  He says he sees a picture and he just has to paint it.  Yes that’s what an artist would say. I love all of his work ❤ it is absolutely stunning and beautius.  

So a very busy weekend and a real busy end of the month/beginning of a new month.  I’m so happy I live where there are October’s…This is my absolute favorite time of the year til the snow flies at least.  Winter is not my thing.  Oh one more thing, I’m moving into an amazing new place and I am so happy about that.  More on that in a future post…Happy TGIF and blessings bloggers ❤

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