Thankful Thursday…

Here I am at my blog.  Had trouble sleeping last night, the brain just would not turn off.  I have so much to do, OMG !!!  That’s what my planner is for.  Supposedly when you have set up a plan for your day, you take it out of you brain. Then you can rest, knowing that you have written it down and you don’t have to worry about forgetting something. You’d think anyways.  The problem is, I didn’t make a plan for today like I was suppose to do yesterday.  Just got my delivery from Amazon…Y A Y.  

I know I am so busy and I really should be planning instead of blogging but I’ll just post this and get to my planner.  The planner is looking amazing !!! Oh and it’s happy mail this week, double Y A Y, Y A Y…



I’m really loving this month’s kit.  Having so much fun playing with my planner, Mz. Serena.  I think we need some music … This is one of my favorites b/c I love the way the husband sings it.  

I’m going to end this post with a wonderful story.  This is my 60/40 year aka I’m turning 60 (not happy about this at all) and we’ll be celebrating 40 years of wedded bliss (we’ve been together for 43 years).  I mean really, I married the perfect man ladies.  A couple of days ago I was not having a great day.  I got too close to the sad room.  Everyone has a sad room  and I usually avoid going there.  I don’t have many people in my life that I can really let it all hang out but I have one and that’s really all you need.  He’s my person, sometimes I call him my girlfriend b/c that’s who I call when things get wonky.  After talking to him on the phone sharing my tears and fears, he had to get going to catch his train to get home. (I’m sure he was looking forward to that and me, N O T ) 

Having the crappy, sad day that I was having I didn’t look very attractive.  When he got in the car, he was met by a wife with puffy eyes, crazy hair b/c I didn’t take a shower and do my hair.  It was a no make-up kind of day.  The first thing he said to me when he got in the car and looked at me was, “My sweet wife ❤  I wish I could make you feel better.  You didn’t deserve this.”  I know what he’s talking about, that’s all I’ll say about that.  That’s all I needed to hear.  You could feel the love with his words and I don’t really know how to put that feeling down on this blog.  After feeling so bad all day, those 3 words, “My Sweet Wife ❤ ” changed everything.  He was home and today was done.  I am loved and tomorrow is another day so there is hope ❤  I am blessed and when I closed my swollen eyes that night to sleep, I said thank you to God for giving me the grace I needed to finish my day.  I looked over at the husband sleeping and I was at peace.  I really am very blessed ❤

I just wanted to share that story with you.  I hope my blogging family is happy and looking forward to the weekend…NEVER, NEVER QUIT  🙂 because after all, tomorrow is another day…Love ya, Blessings ❤

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