This is my name…by mistake only, “Frame”…SoCS

I do try my best to speak clearly and loud enough to be heard when I’m asked my last name.  They always respond, “Frame ?”  No I said Frain, “F R A I N”  At first it got rather annoying, but now I’m just use to it.  Of course after that the next question I’m asked, “Is there any relation to the Andy Frain’s ?”  I say yes, he’s my husband 😉  But that’s only because that’s what everyone called him in Highschool. “Hey Andy,” they would say.  I just role my eyes.  Of course he maintains that there must be some blood relation somewhere down the line.  I’m still waiting for the inheritance when some distant Frain relative leaves the millions that I’m sure we are suppose to get.  But for the meantime, he’ll be at work on Monday Morning…Happy SoCS this hot, hot, hot Saturday…I think I’ll go try and find a good song for the post. 

Now you can get up, put your dancing shoes on, and get that blood pumping !!!  Let’s stay cool today ❤  Happy Saturday

Thanks Mz. Linda Hill for another great prompt for SoCS…Blessings Bloggers ❤ “This post is part of #SoCS:”

5 Comments on “This is my name…by mistake only, “Frame”…SoCS

    • I got this song from the son Connie !! That’s from his generation, but I’m really a lover of all things music ❤ Thanks for stopping by Mr. Jim…

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