Share Your World/July 1st

Happy July…and a new Share Your World post !!  Y A Y  Let’s have a song and celebrate all of the good in this world ❤ .  I have to share with you part of the vaca and one of our amazing navy vessels (Aircraft Carrier) that we toured.  It was massive and so glad it’s in our navy…Really God Bless America ❤ .


Would (or do) you stop to help (presumably) stranded folks by the side of the road?

         I’m thinking, no…I was born and raised on the southside of Chicago (be it a suburb) it was still Chicago.  The world is just not user friendly, and there are no slow deer.  If you get my meaning.  I would probably use my cell phone and call for emergency road assistance for the people.  It is just way too sketchy out on the road.

Do you think the world is less mannerly today than in past times OR are we just more touchy and manners are as they’ve always been?

That depends on where you are.  City or suburbs or small country towns.  Cities I find that people just rush, rush, rush and really don’t take the time to get to know you i.e. waitresses, service people, yadayadayada.  It’s just lets get this done, and move on.  Suburbs that too depends.  I think in the South, people are more polite and I’m just really loving the twang and Ya’ll used in their speech patterns.  Small towns kind of just look at you with the, “Who the heck are you, and what are you doing in my small little town?  Then give you the stink eye…”

 What happens if you’re scared half to death, TWICE?

      Well even I know that, and I’m not very good at math.  I guess you must be dead 😉  But on the other hand it may depend on if it’s back to back or two different times.  Back to back, your dead.  Two different times you’ve just had years taken off your life 😉 .

If ALL the world’s a stage, where does the audience sit?

        Another logical question…That must mean there is no audience so there is no sitting area.  You see life is not lived watching, it is lived on the stage and we are all part of the show ❤ . 


     Seeing how this is the 4th of July, “If you are lucky enough to live in the United States of America, then you are lucky enough !!”  Happy Fourth of July…Woo Hoo  Our country is not perfect, but unfortunately there is no place in this world that is.  We have to go to the other side to experience perfection.  I think Mark Twain said it best, “Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die 😉 .”  Life is short, be kind and be happy…Everyone is going through something ❤ .







5 Comments on “Share Your World/July 1st

  1. Thanks Scarlett for Sharing Your World! I liked your thoughtful answers and thank you for playing along with the silly ones too! 🙂

  2. We have strange,bad, things happen down here too. Can’t be too careful these days …especially single women…Doesn’t matter age…just watch your back and be ready to yell your lungs out.
    Every one should be playing Lee Greenwood “I’m proud to be an American ” this 4th of JULY..

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