Okay so I’m going to give this a go.  Todays prompt is, “For, Fore, Four.”  I’m going to go with the number four…I’ll start out with that because that is the number of kids we had or I could use that number for the number of son’s we had, but then I would catch some crap for the daughter so I’ll use it for the number of kids we had 😉  

I’m not going to use names of the kids, I’m just going to give them a number in the birth order…IDK why, just because I’d probably get crap for using their name as they are all adults now and I guess they think they can do that w/o consequences like when they were young.  Really they all are pretty good kids as adults.  

So let’s get started.  I think I’m just going to give each one a description of what I think of them as their mom 😉

#1. Son…Brilliant, scary smart.  

#2  Son…Our angel in Heaven, Sean Patrick.  I like to use his name every chance I get ❤ .

#3 Daughter…  A Real Beauty, Hard Working, and Smart

#4  Son…An Amazing Dancer who owns the stage.  Rock on !

#5  Son…Perfect, what more can I say ❤ ! ( It’s true 😉 ) 

Okay that’s just a really quick description of the kiddo’s.  I know, they are all grown up but I’m always going to be their mom and they’re always going to be my kiddo’s ❤  I love you all.  Now let’s see how many of them really read my blog 😉 .

11 Comments on “SoCS

  1. Four for me too …all sons and our #4 is the one in heaven. He has now been there longer than he was here which was 19 years.

  2. We have one son. That was enough, and we had him later than normal. My doctor said not to gain over 28 pounds. That wasn’t wise in my case. Our son had low birth weight. Three days after birth he was in the hospital. He came home eventually, and now he is strong as an ox. I believe God gives us what we need, want, and should have. An even tempered, patient personality is from the Lord.

    • Thanks for stopping by…Our first son was a whopping 9lbs. 12oz…The nurses were laughing everytime they brought him to me b/c he was so big. No C/Section either. They did not do them back then, I mean as much as they do them now. Thankfully he was my largest, I had 7 pounders after that. Happy Weekend ❤

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