Happy Thursday…

Good afternoon my friendly family of blogger’s.  I just realized I have been back from vaca for over a week and I’m still not at,”Ground Zero!!”  That’s one of my tag lines for everything is done, house cleaned, showered & dressed, yadayadayada etc…  I have not even been blogging, geeezzz what the heck.  I am sitting down and just going to write.  I’ll also put up a song that just keeps playing over and over in my head too.  Maybe if I post it, I will stop replaying it over in my head.  One can hope 😉 .

Such a happy day.  I just heard Planned Parenthood will no longer be funded by my federal tax dollar’s, Y A Y.  We pay way too much in taxes and to think they were being used for that, well I can’t tell you how upsetting that was to us !!!  My votes go to the pro-life candidates, judges, and everything in between that is pro-life!!!  I’m not going to make this an issue b/c this will N E V E R  change in my heart or soul.  I choose life over everything well b/c it’s life and that’s the only thing you can’t go back and change.  I pray for all the babies and the mom’s ❤ .

We are still waiting for summer and the rain to stop.  Really where did the sun go, and the warm temperatures???  I don’t think we have broken an 80 degree temp this summer yet.

Going to re-live some more of the vacation.  Was looking at some pictures last night and that always makes me feel really great.  



This was the marina that I looked out over from my room.   Our room was so beautius ❤ .  It was that lovely teal color, very calming.  I really slept like a baby, such a relaxing room. There was a King Size Bed, with a living room.  I also had a desk where  I did my morning pages and planning.   I don’t go anywhere w/o my planning supplies.  Was a very cool kit from Mz. Christy of #theplannersociety !!!  Loved it and was very inspirational.   Room service for breakfast every morning, that was the best !!!



 I really enjoyed watching all the boats come and go.  I always wondered where they were going for.  Then I would make up a story about the trip w/the husband which we always do and always include the,”What Ifs.”  You know what is their cargo and where are they going.  How many guys are on the ship, Merchant Marines and what is their story.  It’s just a fun little game we play.  Tomorrow I’ll show you all the military ships we toured, very cool 😉 .

I have an appointment this afternoon with my friend who helps me with the interior decorating and were going to make some lists so I can get all of it done.  My goal is to have everything done by September.   We are also going on another vaca in the later Summer/early Fall to Maine.  We just love Maine and I need another piece of Blueberry Pie 😉 .  Then of course, and it’s coming up quickly, our Connie’s getting married 😉 .  Now that’s going to be something to get through, but my BFF will be by my side and she said we’ll do it together just like we do everything.  Who knew just how important the people are, who God puts into your life.  The have been our friends for almost 40 years and now they really are my family ❤ .  She  has 3 sisters like I did at one time, things change.  Now I’m the 5th sister 😉 .



   Besides being our very best friend’s, and our dentist (Dr. Scott) they are Connor’s God Parents.  Very important part in God’s plan.

I’m going to try to jump back into SoCS and Song Lyric Sunday and I should be able too b/c yes it’s going to be raining all weekend.  Happy Thursday, hang in there it’s almost TGIF ❤  Blessing ❤ .

2 Comments on “Happy Thursday…

    • It really was!!! SC was in the middle of a drought however when we arrived wheels down 🛬 we brought the rain from the Midwest and let’s just say looks like the droughts is over…Really

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