Happy Sunday

Good Morning to all of my blogger friend’s…Y A Y I’m back home from vaca.  We were in Charleston, SC for a week.  We had a great time as we always do when we are together and have a great big ocean sitting right out in front of our hotel (The Charleston Beach Harbor & Marina).  We keep it simple, and just walked up and down the beach everyday.  I guess there was a drought going on in South Carolina but we obviously brought the rain with us from home because from the time we landed wheels down til we left, the heavens opened up and it rained and rained oh and did I say it rained.  I guess the drought is over and you’re welcome SC ❤  for the rain I obviously brought with me from the Midwest 😉

didn’t post while I was on vacation b/c I never do.  Reason  #1.  I don’t want to let the world know my house is empty for the next week and Reason #2. is because I’m on vacation and I unplug except for taking pictures.  When I get back, then I re-live the vacation through my pics and the blog so for the next week I’ll be showing you what we did down south.

Getting ready and flying was all pretty good and went smoothly except for when I fell in the airport b/c I tripped over some lady’s bag that was in the aisle and skinned both knees.  Really 😉

Getting to the hotel after landing was easy enough…Above is the start of vaca, waiting for the limo and the husband on the plane…Below is a video of our flight and the pictures of landing and getting to the hotel.  Oh one more thing, I’m not a professional videographer so just enjoy the video 😉 .  What a great picture of the rainbow from the flight ❤  I obviously didn’t know the town we were going too 😉  It gets confusing our east, there’s charleston, charlottesville, yadayadayada…But it was South Carolina 


3 Comments on “Happy Sunday

  1. Glad you had a good time and made it home safely. Hate inconsiderate people who leave their things laying around.

    • We had a blast. Thanks for stopping by Mz. Janet. I know, right. I can do a face plant all by myself 😉 No help needed !!!

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