Monday’s Masterpiece

Good afternoon blogger friends ❤  I am having the absolutely best Monday ever.  I can’t really even believe it’s Monday, but I know it is.  First I’ll start by posting Monday’s Masterpiece of course.  It’s not finished but when it is, I really think it’s one of the painter’s best.  The inspiration for this painting was the flower’s I got for Mother’s Day.  I am so happy he painted them, now I will have them forever and who doesn’t want something so special around forever ❤  Here are a pics of the process…

I really love, love, love the black canvas.  This painting will be going in our bedroom.  We just changed everything (Color’s) and this will just be perfect in there.  Serendipity ❤  Here are some of the pictures of our newly remodeled bedroom.  It feels so good waking up and sleeping in here now.  Really love the evening and watching TV or reading in here.  Love my desk and writing corner…   Everything is so much lighter and brighter !!

I still have to hang some pics and change the lights, but I absolutely love it ❤

Finally it is the absolutely my favorite day of the month.  It is Happy Mail Day 😉  I just love getting my planner supplies for the month ❤  

I am ready to set up my planner for the vacation and the beginning of summer.  If you don’t write it down, summer will just fly by and you won’t get any of what you wanted to do, done.  So I Write it Down, Make it Happen !!!  It’s been a great day.  The only thing that would have made it better is to have my planner girl with me to play, but her mom say’s she doesn’t want to do it anymore…They grow up 😦  I still get 3 kits though 😉  

I hope to get my Weekly Music Challenge done, such a fun thing to do.  I love music anything ❤  I have much to do to get ready for vacation, but I’ll try to take a break from it and come and hang out with you guys…Hope everyone’s Monday was as good as mine.  Blessings Blogger’s ❤

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