Weekly Song Challenge

Jumping in on another music challenge…This one is brought to us by Laura Venturini’s Weekly Song Challenge.  The rules are:  

  1. Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to this post.
  2. Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions.
  3. Tag two people to participate!

Post a video of a song that makes you think of the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Post a video of a song that has the word war in title or lyrics

Maybe I cheated a bit on this one, but it does have, “wars” in the lyrics at the end 😉 Rock n Roll Cola Wars 😉

Post a video of a song that is part of a movie soundtrack that had something to do with war.

“Forest Gump”  Really great movie.  I think I might even have to watch it today ❤  I’m thinking I’ll tag you and you too 😉  I hope I did the challenge right.  Always fun to go searching around for music, sitting around my computer singing is a great way to start the day and of course spending it blogging with my fellow blogger’s…

Happy Memorial Day and let’s have a great summer !!!



12 Comments on “Weekly Song Challenge

  1. Excellent choices! I don’t think I’d heard the Toby Keith song before, but it sure got to me, being a military family (retired). Been through those scenes many times, waving good-bye.

    • Thanks for stopping by Mr. John. Really love CCR. That music puts you right there in the jungle. Happy Memorial Day, Happy Summer 😉

  2. Good songs! I’ve never heard the Toby Keith song before.

    • Thanks so much. He does a lot of patriotic songs. Saw him in concert a couple of years back in Vegas. He was amazing. Happy Summer 🙂

    • Nice song selections! They all bring back good memories! I hope that you both know that you have left a large impact on my life, even though that you guys do not realize it does not matter. Also I was wondering how that grandkids are! ❤

      • You should post more pics and things about your grandkids!

      • I won’t post pictures of the grandkids. That’s their parent’s job if they so choose too. It’s too sketchy out here on the net to post pictures of the grandbabies. I’ll post pics of my kiddos b/c they are all adults now and they’re my kiddos !!! Blessings ❤

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