Happy Friday

Happy 3 day weekend, Y A Y !!!!  I really love, love, love the start of summer.  It’s just a really great feeling now that the kids are all grown and have flown the nest.  I remember back in the day, there was a slight feeling of dread when the summer began.  It was when I had to go to the closet, get out my clown suit and dust it off.  3 months of keeping the kiddos engaged and entertained, a lot of work…

There was swimming lessons, summer school, baseball games, vacations, reunions and yadayadayadayada.  That’s just a really small snippet of all of the activities going on and remember I had 4 kids, ages apart 10 years, 3 of them were born in the summer.  No. 4 son/Matthew was born on Father’s Day, our youngest son/Connie was born at the end of July and my one and only daughter was  born 2 days before my birthday in August.  My wedding anniversary is also in August, so it was a busy time for celebrations.

Now it is very quiet and dare I say wonderful.  Okay I’ll say it, “Wonderful.” (I’m pretty sure they don’t read my blog and oh well if they do…)  I get to do what I want and I love it.  The clown suit has been officially retired and packed away, Y A Y  ❤  I get to walk.  I get to read and I of course give myself permission to nap.  I get to go out and have lunch in the park and just lay back and watch life.  Of course it wouldn’t be summer w/o attending an Ides of March Concert w/Mr. Jim Peterik, one of Chicago’s very own…Take it away

June will be vacation month.  July I’m getting ready for an Art Exhibit at the local library with the Painter’s (husband)  art work and then August will be more traveling and a huge celebration month with my birthday and our 40th wedding anniversary… I’m thinking Maine again, we love Maine ❤  Here is some of the artwork that will be at the exhibition.

























These are some of his best, but it really is hard to choose because he has so many that are really great.   If you want to see more of his work, here’s the link to our Amazon Handmade account.  You can purchase directly through this link too !!!  I’d love it if you would go and check it out and tell me what you think of his art.  


Time to get this weekend going.  Happy Friday Blogger’s and Blessings ❤  Let’s have a great summer 😉


4 Comments on “Happy Friday

  1. That song is almost 50 years old and it’s still one of the best there is. Jim Peterik has done so much over the years, with The Ides of March, Survivor, and all his side projects, and at his core he’s still a kid from Berwyn. Gotta admire someone like that.

    • I know, right !!! Love the purple hair ❤ I'm sure we'll see him again this year at a local event. He remember's where he came from. One of my greatest thrills is when he walked down from the stage while he was singing Searching (made famous by Survivor) and kissed me in front of the entire audience !!! OMG I thought I would faint. He's a great musician/song writer. What a talent. Happy Summer Mr. John, thanks for stopping by 😉 I can't believe that song is that old.

      • Thank you so much ❤ I will pass that along to the Painter (the husband)… Happy Summer

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