Happy Monday

Happy Monday Morning Blogger’s..Hoping all is good in your corner of the world and everyone had a great weekend.  The weekend did go by as fast as they all do.   It rained and rained.  It was warm then it was cold.  We had some sun and then it rained and the weather pretty much couldn’t make up it’s mind.  It definitely was the kind of weekend the Painter loves, he just painted pretty much all weekend.  He started 2 new painting’s.  

I bought myself some new flower’s for my vase that I got for Mother’s Day.  That was his inspiration for his first painting.  I love showing the process of how he creates.  He really loves using the Black canvas’s.  

This next one he has been working on for awhile.  It’s a girl looking out of a window and it’s raining.  She is crying, so it’s been a bit more complex when he’s creating the rain and the tears.  It’s pretty amazing and the level of difficulty to create the look of the rain and the tears because he also has to create the window.



This week I will be getting ready for the vacation/Charleston, South Carolina.  I’m really looking forward to getting away.  The hotel sounds great and is right across the street from the marina so the water is right there.  I’m not waiting to pack. Already have done a lot of shopping so it’s not so stressful.  We are flying this trip which will be a nice change.  I already have the 😉 Airplane outfit, and it won’t take forever to get to our destination.    

Time to get this party started.  Got up a little late, but it’s all good.  Starbucks, morning pages, and a planning session because I have a lot to do this week.  It’s always good to have a plan.  Have a great week blogger’s.  Will be posting Monday’s Masterpiece a bit later.  Blessings ❤ 


4 Comments on “Happy Monday

  1. Have a grand time in Charleston! We visited 2 years ago for my brother’s 50th & had a marvelous time. If you have a chance to take a carriage ride our guide was a hoot! Travel blessings! ☀️😎☀️

    • Oh thank you so much for the blessings and the carriage ride sounds wonderful ♥️♥️ I’m blogging my way through the trip, really looking forward to it. Thanks for stopping by 😉

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