A Mother’s Day Gift

Today we celebrate Mother’s all over the country.  It’s a thing good to honor the woman who gave you life.  I celebrate my mother who is still alive and in very good health for a woman who is in her 80’s.  I am blessed to have her.  She has taught me so much about life.  So much about the blessings and grace you receive when you are a mom.







Of course you will have those days when you ask yourself, “Why?”  But those are just moments that will pass and you will learn that being a mom keeps you real and grounded to what is really important in life.

The family

I am a mom and I was blessed with 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl…and no the girl was not last, she was #3 in the birth order line.  My first baby was a boy Michael Francis Jr.  Then I got pregnant when he was only 9 months old, OMG !!!  I was a bit terrified about the future and being a mom of 2 under 2 but I tried not to question God’s plan and to embrace my soon to be new reality.  It wasn’t a very happy pregnancy because I was young SAHM and the husband was just starting his career.  No money, renting in a co-operative townhouse (it was nice and affordable for us) but now another baby on the way and so soon.

 I always thought that once I made it passed the 3 month point of the pregnancy, I was guaranteed a baby in 6 months.  Now this was back in 1984, long before all of the testing that they do now, thank God.  In my 7th month, God took my baby back home with him.  He had other plans for our Sean Patrick. His work was now done on this earth.  I didn’t get to see him, I didn’t get to hold him.  The only thing that he left on my heart was his cries.  I’ll never forget how very soft his tiny cries were.  You could barely hear them, but I did and there really are no words of what they sounded like.  I will never forget his cries, they are forever imprinted on my soul.

As I celebrate being a mom today, I celebrate his life.  His very short little life here.  He taught me so much about being a mom in the few moments that we spent together, more than anything else has in my 60 years.  He had a purpose, a very important purpose.

I think a little music would be good right about now…This is the song I’m going to be dancing to with my Connor at his wedding this fall.  It’s going to be a great song to dance with him ❤  Originally done by Garth Brooks, but this is a great version of it too ❤

Sean Patrick

 I know of 6 lives that would not be here had he not lived and died, and that’s just the beginning of what he did.  I don’t know what the plan was and how his life impacted the world, but I know his short life changed the world forever that day…March 21, 1984.  God knows how it’s all working because it was His plan and he sees all.  When I talk with God, and we have  many talks, He says the same thing.  “Just believe me when I tell you I’ve got this, and I’ve always had you in the palm of my hand.  No worries, Sean Patrick is safe with me.  His road back to Me was a short one.  You have been a great mom and your job is not done.  We’ll be waiting for you ❤ when you’re finished.  You have more babies to raise and get back to Me here in Heaven. Thank you for believing in My plan and having faith…”img_2515  That’s the conversation I have with God when I think about Sean Patrick.  Because it always comes back me and it’s always the same question, “Why?”   It’s been 35 years, but I’ll never forget.  All the mom’s that have had to let go and give their baby back knows what I’m talking about.


I am an awesome mom, not a perfect mom, but an amazing mom.  I have loved this mom journey because of my kids.  They have taught me and I have taught them.  I love them all to the moon and I know they love me because I’m their mom.  So for all you mom’s out there, when you look up and say, “Why,” it’s because you are the lucky one. You get  to leave a piece of  your good looks and sense of style in this world. Being a mom, you really do get to make a difference. Blessings to all the mom’s out there and have a  Happy, Happy Mother’s Day ❤ 

5 Comments on “A Mother’s Day Gift

    • He’s my angel now watching over his family… Just paid a visit. He’s buried with his grandmama & grandpapa. We didn’t want him to be alone. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  1. Just reaching for tissues – thank you for sharing your motherhood journey, sorrows & joys & faithfulness. Sean Patrick’s short life has now impacted our lives all these years later! 💞🌟🙏🌟💞

    • Thank you for stopping by Mz. Virginia. That’ why I keep telling his story. Because our time together was so short, sometimes I stop and think did I really have him. When I went through it, I had the same feeling. I got my post baby body back way quicker than when I had a full term baby. But I nursed all my babies and when they offered me a drug so that my milk would not come in, I said no. It will stop naturally. When we were out at the graveside during his burial, my milk came in. A true reminder of, “Yes this did happen.” He’s forever my angel and he watches over us all. Blessings Mz. Virginia ❤

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