AtoZ Blogging Challenge/”S”cheduling

I’m posting this a couple of days late b/c I’m so behind.  Started a major re-hab/re-decorating of our place and I forgot what a train wreck your schedule becomes not to mention how crazy the house  becomes.  Don’t worry I’ll post pics when it’s done.  I have a really good handyman and he is really excellent when it comes to anything with houses !!!  The husband has no interest in that kind of stuff and he says he would just rather pay someone to do it.  Really it is so much easier on both of us.

Hopefully I’ll get to the letter, “T” tonight.  Happy Tuesday AtoZer’s.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Weather was great here in the Midwest.  Great Easter Brunch in City w/the husband ❤ at the Four Seasons ❤ 

Going to hop back in with the letter for the Challenge…  In my planner world S is for “S”cheduling.

Scheduling is so important for the planner homemaker.  It’s about getting things done.  How many of us think, “I never get done with laundry or I’m always cleaning, yadayadayada.”  With a schedule, you do.  You have a time for the task. When it’s finished, it’s finished even if it’s not done.  You’ll get the rest next time on the flip side, or the next scheduled date.

There is daily, weekly, monthly, etc. scheduling.  It’s constantly changing.  seasons and tasks.  Cleaning & Cooking are different.  Holidays i.e. Christmas, Easter, Summer Holidays you get the picture  Life is just so much easier with scheduling and having a plan.

One last thing on scheduling, make it your own…  Everyone has their own personal schedule and style.  Design it to fit your life and know that it is a plan and as with all plans, life happens…Happy Spring ❤


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