AtoZ Blogging Challenge/”N”

Happy Tuesday, AtoZer’s.  Today’s letter is, “N” which I have a couple of different uses for in my daily planner.  (N)otes are the quick little thoughts, dates, thing I want to remember but don’t have the time to spend on them right there.  So I just jot it down on a post-it or piece of scrap paper and stick it in the day I wrote the note.  

When I go back to that day in the planner, I write it down on the appropriate date or put the thought where it goes permanently i.e. such as my commonplace book or my recipe planner.  I might also use the note w/a date on my, Running-to-do List or my 15 minute list. I keep my running-to-do list on the back of my Notes card.img_2579

If it doesn’t fit into any one of those categories, I also have a Notes/Index page in the front of each planner that I use.fullsizeoutput_4a3b

I realize this may all sound a bit complicated but when you have been doing it for awhile it’s just goes right into my planning shall I say concert…The instruments all work together and my days do make some beautiful music.  

I’m sorry this is a bit tardy, but yesterday was a beauty and I had to go out and enjoy it.  Blessings Blogger’s ❤  The letter “O” I will post tonight 😉    

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