AtoZ Blogging Challenge/”M”

Happy Monday Afternoon…I know, I know so I got a late start.  What can I say it’s Monday and it’s the letter “M” which it just so happens that’s the letter for the day, AtoZ2019Mwhich coincidentally I actually have 2 prompts for the letter, “M”  

The first one is my Monthly Section…I’ll tell you though my planner just keeps changing and changing, an evolution of sorts.  It’s very important to do that because life and planning as with all things if they don’t change and stay the same, it can become very boring and mundane.  Planner’s also, like people not changing, don’t grow and that’s not good.  Here of some of my monthly planner layouts…

The one right above is from my Daily Planner, Serena…I decided to not color in the lines for this layout and I really liked how it came out !!!  The other one to the top left is also Serena’s monthly layout for April & Spring.  It’s okay, but I’m not as happy with that one as February’s.  The other 2 monthly layouts are from the Mother Ship.  That what I use to create Serena’s monthly layout.  As you can see they are not as I guess busy…and here’s April’s monthly layout from my Mother Ship Plannerimg_2576

You can see I’m a bit behind, but I’m thinking it’s because of the AtoZ Challenge thing 😉

The next prompt I want to use for today’s letter AtoZ2019M

is my Daily section, which would be (M)onday   Here is what my layout looks like for today…(M)onday ❤img_2572

It wasn’t that great because well it really was (M)onday 😉  to the right of the Monday/Daily section is my dashboard.  I’m really not liking this monday at all…this picture will give you a better idea of how it should look.fullsizeoutput_4a3a

Usually one of my (M)antra’s for everyday and probably for life is right there…”WRITE IT DOWN, (M)AKE IT HAPPEN <3″  Happy (M)onday AtoZer’s, now onto “N”…

6 Comments on “AtoZ Blogging Challenge/”M”

  1. Good for you for following through on all of this journaling and planning. It’s so pretty but it triggers my ADD and I could barely read it! You’re stronger than I am!

  2. Love your shelf of planners… did you make them? I’m just getting into junk journaling, when I’m not writing or knitting. Stopping by from the #AtoZChallenge Road Trip!

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