First time doing this…Prompt for today, “Lip.” “This post is part of SoCS:  My lips have an “X” marks the spot.  Really it does.  Back in the early 60’s probably when I was around 1 or 2 years old, and just learning to walk I did what probably most toddler’s do and fell right into the corner of the Coffee Table.  Predictably it was a trip to the ER, (Mom) was an RN so she knew it was going to need stitches.  

They didn’t care so much back then about leaving scars on your face and from the looks of it the stitched it up with a fish hook.  I had a passel of children 3 boys and 1 girl who all, I think at one time or another ended up in the ER getting stitched up from a corner something.  You really can’t see any of those scars at all.  My scar is huge, a big, “X” right on the corner of my lip.  Connie, the youngest son has a divet in his forehead, but that wasn’t a cut.  Some little kid threw a toy car at him and it hit him right in the head so the fixing of that was not a precise as the other ones.

The needles they used on the kids when they were getting stitched up were these micro needles.  You could hardly even see them, or if the cut was strait enough they just would glue it.  

I’m proud of what I call my battle scars.  I also was born with a strawberry birthmark on the left side of my face.  It’s not quite as bad as some that I have seen, but it’s definitely there.  In fact every time I go to the doctor, (and it’s the same doctor) he asks what happened to the side of my face.  I usually just say the same thing, “I was born with it.  It’s a birthmark 😉 .”  Sometimes I might make up some stupid story, and then he remembers oh right it’s your birthmark.

I always tell the husband if I ever go missing and they find a body somewhere, just check for the birthmark and you’ll know it’s me ❤  Let’s hope that never happens.  Interesting doing this challenge SoCS, you end up somewhere totally away from the prompt.  It was, “Lips,” remember.  Happy SoCSaturdy ❤  I’m still working on AtoZ letter, “L” and no Lips wouldn’t go with my planner theme.  Then it’s Song Lyric Sunday tomorrow so looks like I’m going to be blogging a lot for the next 2 days.  I still have to catch up with the letters, “H & I” for the AtoZ challenge.  Enjoy the evening, Happy Weekend ❤ 

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    • Thank you so much Mz. Laura. I always wanted to try it and something always got in my way, but today was different and I just said, “Go for it 🙂 ” and I did. Oh and I learned how to do a Pingback. OMG I have been trying forever to learn how to do it. So let’s hear it for Never, Never Quit !!!

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