AtoZBlogging Challenge/”L”

Happy, Happy Saturday and the #AtoZBloggingChallenge   Today’s letter is, “L” and I am just so thrilled.  I just learned how to do a pingback, Y A Y !!!!  It was just as exciting as when I learned to make a link.  I know, I’m really showing my age and my, “Low Tech Abilities” but I don’t care because I learned how to do a PINGBACK !!!  Y A Y for me.

Now onto the letter for the day “L” is for (L)istersgottalist.  This really isn’t a section in my planner, but I do make lists in Serena, my Daily Planner.  This is Cori’s baby, and I just love it because it get’s its own TN.  Listing is something I love to do and she makes it fun ❤  Here are some pictures of my TN’s for (L)istersgottalist.







I’m giving you the link for her website and my disclaimer again I make no money off this if you use the link or just go to the site.  It’s really beautiful and again, I look so forward to all of her monthly planner supplies.  

Prompts >> Listers Designer – Girl Friday Edition April 2019

I really love the listing thing and I found a book, “What’s on Your Top 10 List.”







Happy Saturday Evening AtoZer’s  Hopefully you are having a great weekend.  Challenge on ❤ and if your not, “Make a List 😉 . “


3 Comments on “AtoZBlogging Challenge/”L”

  1. I did a 52 list book last year, one list a week. It was fun. Some of the questions are hard to answer though.

    • I’m in the western suburbs of Chicago. Many relatives In Wisconsin, it’s like my second home. Part of a 💯 year farm. I’m so glad that storm missed us but I think we’ve all finally made it through this winter ❄️ Thank God ♥️. I just love, love my layout planner and getting ready for tomorrow. Writing is also my passion.. Tomorrow I’m starting Julia Cameron’s book/12 week program of starting over again 😉 “It’s Never too late to begin again.”

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