AtoZ Blogging Challenge/”K”

Happy Friday, AtoZer’s…I’m loving all the post’s for AtoZ, what a wonderfully diverse challenge ❤  I am learning so much following all the different Challenger’s participating…

I must say using this topic (Planner’s)is getting a little bit challenging, ah but that’s why they call it a Challenge 😉  Today’s letter is “K” and I’m going to blog about Planner (K)its…My favorite one is Christy’s, The Planner Society.  I can’t say enough great things about her kit. I know I have put a picture of the kit and the link up but it really does deserve some more blog time !!!

This is the kit for March/April.  She has a bi-monthly subscription.  She use to do it every month but then she just made the (K)its bigger and better and turned it into 1 kit every other month.  I thought I was going to not like that very much, as I would miss out on my monthly kit fix 😉 , but as it worked out I get so much more done with the one kit (I’m signed up for 3 kits,OMG) and get to use it all.   I’m pretty sure I could get a show for hoarding planner supplies (mostly Christy’s) or I could use an Planner (K)it Intervention 😉  

I must show you what I got from The Planner Society yesterday and I’m pretty sure it’s going to turn into one of my most cherished planner’s ❤ !!!  I just love, love, love that little planner girl ❤  You can see the extra wash, box stickers and planner stickers ❤  




This is the link you can use to sign up for your own kit subscriptions…(Disclaimer  I don’t get any commission from the sales of her supplies)  I think that if you are interested in starting a planner, this would be the best place to begin.  She has many different options in her subscriptions.   She has extra add on’s that I have too, ie washi tape, box stickers, and planner stickers.  My (K)its are complete and they are soooo pretty.

I am showing you all of the supplies that I use to help you set up your planner, but remember and this is really what is so important about planning.  Don’t loose sight of what I use my planner for…Writing it Down, Making it Happen.  When I write it down it gets done more times than not !!!  It never needs to be charged or looses a charge.  No one can hack into it.  It’s a hard copy and archival safe (thank you, Christy)…and for some reason, I never lose it like I lose my phone or forget it…Most importantly, it makes my day sooo pretty 😉 This is how I look forward to the day ❤

My featured picture is today’s layout using April’s Planner Society (K)it…Happy Friday ❤  Blessings Bloggers


4 Comments on “AtoZ Blogging Challenge/”K”

  1. I like how you said “Don’t lose sight of what ther planner is for.” Bullet journals are all the rage now, and I think for some people they’ve turned into an end in itself. .

    • continued…

      I can see where the same could hold true for planners. Even with the ones that aren’t “works of art,” people get so hung up on the appearance and what-form-to-use when that they forget it’s a tool, a place for their schedule and to-do’s.

      • The making it pretty just helps me to plan my day and make it look interesting and busy. When I don’t use a layout, nothing usually gets planned and I don’t like that because I forget important plans, like a bill getting paid or an appt. that I need to get too. My planner really does keep me focused and it’s so pretty ❤

    • Bullet journals IDK why but for some reason to many dots/dashes/checkmarks. I like the writing part of my planner. Thanks for stopping by Mr. John 🙂

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