AtoZ Blogging Challenge/ “G”

Happy Wednesday ❤

 Great/Greatful/Gratitude…is how I try to live everyday.  Oh by the by, I’m a little behind and today I’m going to get caught up 🙂  

First part of the AtoZ Challenge that pesky little pingback thing that I’m still not really sure about…

I have many planner’s, with many different sections.  When I first started down the Planner rabbit hole, it was advised to have just one.  So being new at this planner thing I only had one.  Fast forward a couple of years after I started planning.  I read in one of the myriad of organization/planner books that I have, you can have more than one planner.  Y A Y  so my planner world expanded and it really does work for me.  In fact I have a planner library.




 My planner area is going to be undergoing a total rehab aka redecorating the entire area and creating a very cool space.  The husband is going to buy me a Scrapbox !!!  Y A Y   That is what I am grateful for.  A life that is mine and a husband who supports my planner life and pretty much just lets me go and do…

One of my favorite planner’s is my Faith Planner.  It has my (G)ratitude section in it.




(G)ratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions ❤  Life is hard sometimes, gratitude keeps you going.  Always have a gratitude section in your planner ❤  

One final thought, Yesterday I was thinking about who was the person that was in my life who had the biggest impact on me…First I thought it was my (G)randmother, but then I realized, no she was probably the 2nd.  Then I picked up the phone and called my mom and said to her right then, “Thank you.  Thank you for all you have given me and thank you for my life.”  I had to do it right then because you just never know if there is going to be another tomorrow.  Remember to always say, “Thank You ❤ ” Blessings ❤  



6 Comments on “AtoZ Blogging Challenge/ “G”

    • I still have to learn how to do it and I’m going to learn how to do it…I’m sorry if I’m making your blog crazy 😜 Thanks, Happy Wednesday

    • I can hardly wait !!! He’s the best and I have a really good friend who does an amazing job of putting the house together (she’s going to help me decorate). It’ll be a couple of years for my she shed, but that’s next. Thanks for stopping by Mz. Janet. Two letters to catch up. Got a cold rainy day to kill so I’ll blog & binge watch Netflix.

  1. A planner library! That’s pretty cool. I’ve been throwing away old planners that were well intended but never used. I’ve never been able to get in a good habit with keeping planning schedules.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Oh no … That’s not good. Use them for storage if nothing else… older years of financial records. Newspaper 📰 articles. Yadayadayada.

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