AtoZBlogging Challenge – (F)unday, Sunday

Funday, Sunday … I’m getting caught up with the AtoZ Blogging Challenge ❤

It’s a great day.  The weather is warm, and I got to sleep til nearly 10am…OMG  House Wake-up (that’s what I call it in my planner) was an eleven hour night for sleep. That means if your go to bed at 10pm, you don’t have to get  up til 11am.  Saturday night is always an 11 hour House Wake-up.  Friday is a nine hour House Wake-up (Bed at 12pm/House Wake-up 9am) and Monday thru Friday is an eight hour House Wake-up.  It doesn’t always work out that way, but it’s my plan.  The husband’s response when I tell him on Saturday night, it’s an eleven hour night, “Yeah, right 😉 .”  It could be if we were 15, but were not and I couldn’t tell you the last time I slept 11 hours ❤

So let’s listen to some music and hear a story.  Such a talented guy and remember the husband got on stage with him and sang is oober hit, “Taxi ❤ ,” and he kissed me when he signed my program so his gets some more time on the blog ❤  He’s a great writer/story teller/musician…W O W

It’s a do nothing day and everything is going my way, Y A Y ❤  I’m playing with my planner supplies and it’s a going out to dinner day…Double Y A Y ❤

Here’s some pics of the planner that I’ve been working on today…  






I’m going to be working on my #CraftyClubPlaybook later on…Happy Sunday ❤  Hope everyone’s having their own kind of fun 🙂

One last thought…Our hockey season is over and I just really can’t watch the playoff’s.  Road to the Cup, Boo/Hiss.  Unfortunately when my Connie got me interested in hockey he did not tell me what do to when they lose 😦  Since I became a hockey fan, I have seen them win 3 that’s right 3 Stanley Cups !!!  I can’t deal with the losing.  I’m really sad that’s it for the Hawk’s and if the husband says one more time, “They are going to be really great next year…” I think I will just scream.  That’s a really long time, 5 months, but at least I’ll have much to keep me busy.  We are going to San Diego, Y A Y !!!!  Never been there, should be a blast.  Staying at a swanking hotel and it’s on the company, again Double Y A Y.  Also my #4 son Connie is getting married so I’ll have so much to do helping get ready for that.  Going to be really exciting helping him and his sweet Melissa ❤  She’s a real beauty and they are just such a perfect match.   So hopefully it will go by fast.

It’s been a great Weekend…Blessings and Happy Monday Blogger’s and AtoZer’s…<3 

4 Comments on “AtoZBlogging Challenge – (F)unday, Sunday

  1. We went to the last Sharks home game of the season as a birthday treat for my husband. The whole family went and it was a fun time. I guess my daughter is turning us into Sharks fans! Love your planners. I never put that many sticker in, although I have a ton!

    • Well your lucky 🍀 They are at least going to the dance… That was Weekend stickers so I get to use twice as many 😉.

    • One of my fav’s ❤ and him kissing me was just one of those memories, well I'll never forget and the husband bening on stage singing, "Taxi" with him…Amazing !!!

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