AtoZ Blogging Challenge/”E”

This was a head scratcher ;{  What in the world do Planner’s and the Letter, “E” have in common.  It’s like I said yesterday, “Just sit down at your desk and start typing.  It will come to you.”  And it did.  Planner’s and the the Letter, “E” or any letter for that matter can be used to monogram your planner. This item can be found on Amazon…Here is the link…






There wasn’t much to say about the letter, “E” it’s more like monograms, but I’m still going to use it for the “E” prompt today.  Something very exciting happened because of my blog and doing the AtoZ Challenge that I want to share with you.

On the “C” prompt, I used Christy & Cori, they are my go to girls for my planner supplies and I just love them both.  They are really what keep me going and now that I’m getting up there in years (not really, but let’s just say I didn’t know I would get this old so fast)…Anyways after I do my post, I go around and put a link of my planner on Cori’s FB page and Christy’s FB page with a link of course back to my blog.  When I looked at my FB page tonight Christy had put a comment on my post.  She posted, “I love this !!”  OMG I’m still smiling.  To have her say she loved my planner or my blog, well  it was just very cool.  Something I would just like to share with you.  I think I’ll go and get the post that so you can see it again.  You’ll have to click on the highlighted post. I’ll put her link up again too, so you can see my planner layout for today <3…We really are all together in the crazy journey called life ❤ Love Ya’ll  ❤  I think this is a good song for some music right now.  I love the music ❤

I just want to share a blog I did with you Mz. Christy…I hope you like it.

 It really was so exciting.  I have been with her and using her planner store forever and for her to comment on my post, well like I said there are just no words.  Still Smiling 🙂 Christy you are the best, and you really made my day !!! 

Happy Weekend, Happy Challenge ❤

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