Blogging from AtoZ Challenge/”D”

Happy Blogging Challenge Thursday…Today the letter is, “D”  I have been giving you background on how I fell down the, “Planner Rabbit Hole.”  I’m pretty sure it has to do with my career choice.  I started out as a Secretary, oops they don’t call it that anymore.  I mean an Administrative Assistance, it’s still a Secretary though.  I worked  for the Railroad in Chicago.   It was a small office, underneath the Prudential Building.  Somedays I didn’t see the light of day because the train station was underground, Randolph Street Station.  I worked for the Chief Electrical Engineer, he was a great boss…really the best.

My duties were basically running the office and all things that included that.  I had to be organized so I had to get a plan going.  I was young, only 19 years old and it was my first job.  No worries though, I was union so basically I could be there for life and there was nothing they could do to get rid of me.  That’s where me and the husband’s paths crossed.  He was a suit, management.  Didn’t like the union so much.

Back to my letter, “D”  When I took a break, I usually would go upstairs into the Prudential Building.  They had a little book store that I would get my paper in and the corner of my eye caught this book.  “Confessions of the Organized Homemaker,” by Deniece Schofield.  I grabbed it because I knew it could help me to set up my plan for the Office.

It would also be useful when I could quit my job and do what I really had a passion for, Homemaking and being a Mom ❤

There it was, right in front of me Chapter 4…Calender, To-Do Lists and Schedules.  It has become my bible ❤  That’s the story of the birth of my Planner and boy has it ever evolved.  My first planner was a three ring notebook that probably cost me .79 cents at the time.  Things have certainly changed !!!

Fast forward to 1979, and I became Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady and the rest is history 

 After the kido’s started coming I knew the job in the city would end and my life as a homemaker would begin.  I knew it was a very important job and not to be taken  lightly.  I mean I had 7 lives in my hands (including my own) so I better not blow it.  Enter Mz. Serena, my planner.  Plus my 1st commandment… Write it Down, Make it Happen (which is my 2nd book I live and die by !!)

Homemaking is an art and very demanding.  Nothing less than 100 percent for me.  That’s my legacy and my planner is my Diary of Scarlett, My Confession of Being a Great Homemaker, and everything I Write Down, some how gets done ❤  Happy Challenge Day

Wouldn’t mind a little bit more glamour in my world, but I did my job and I did a great job.  I love my home, my life and most importantly my FAMILY ❤  Better get today’s plan going 😉


3 Comments on “Blogging from AtoZ Challenge/”D”

  1. I’ll have to watch Funny Girl again. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the whole movie! Thanks for the tips on the books too. Write It Down Make It Happen sounds good.

    • Planner’s are really my life. I get so motivated whenever I use them. Thanks for stopping by Mz. Deborah ❤ Happy Weekend ❤

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