AtoZ Blogging Challenge/”D”

I am really behind.  Do you see my monthly planner for April, I haven’t even done it  yet…Really this is why you need to plan 😉


I was thinking about my post for today’s Challenge, “D”.  I could not let this pass by without giving it a mention because it’s a huge part of my Planner, Mz. Serena ❤

Probably the most important section of my (D)aily planner it the daily schedule and layout.  How could I even forget it, very sorry.  A few thoughts on the, “Daily Section.”  Try to set up the daily section the night before.  I can’t tell you what a much more restful sleep I get when tomorrow is planned.

Another part of the daily is a, “To – Do List.”  This is pretty much your chores for the day.  Mine go like this…Monday/Plan the week & housecleaning is weekly maint. w/vacuuming, Tuesday/Errands, Wednesday/Housecleaning, the deep clean like change bedding, scrub bathrooms.  The reasoning behind this is when you are a homemaker it seems as that’s all you do is clean the house or laundry.  If you give it a one day task, at least you can say you are done 🙂  Thursday/plan weekend, menu planning, read & write, Friday/Weekend Maint, grocery shopping.  Saturday basically I’m off the clock at noon, so I get some time off too.  You need to make time for yourself.  This is a much easier schedule now that all the kido’s are gone, Y A Y ❤  There is also the 15 minute list that can go in the daily plan.  The 15 minute list is when you have some down time, a task you can get done in less than 15 minutes.  Such as if you are waiting for the water to boil, you can fold a load of clothes, empty the garbage cans or the one I really like is to sit down and close my eyes and have a power nap 😉  It really does help ❤

Here is my daily layout for today.  I’ll admit I broke my own rule and did it this morning.  It comes out  much nicer when I do it the night before.  There’s not a time crunch thing when I do it the day before 😉


Just had to include this in the AtoZ Challenge Blogging for the letter, “D”. 


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