Cori & Christy…My Planner Heros !!!

Happy Wednesday AtoZer’s.  I’m never quite sure what I’m going to write about for the letter day which today isAtoZ2019CThen I do what I always do when I’m not sure, I just sit down at my computer and start writing.  Boom out comes a blog post 🙂  Today is hard because last night my (C)hicago Blackhawks were eliminated from the playoff’s.  No if you think it’s just a game, there’s next year.  I learned from my Connie (Connor,#4 son who is my Hockey guy) when I said that very thing to him before Hockey became my life, that it’s not just a game and when they get eliminated there really is no tomorrow.  

I’m moving on because I have to.  They are playing tonight and I’m wearing all my Blackhawk’s stuff i.e. Sweater, Shoes, Jewelry…So it is over, but I’ll watch the last couple of games.  At least I can just watch and just enjoy the game and not worry about them getting to the playoff’s.  Okay back to “C” and it’s not going to be Chicago Blackhawks because today I’m going to stay on point…P L A N N E R ‘ S

I’ll start with Cori.  She is the creator of the Resetgirl planner supplies, not just for the planner but for everything you can think of.  I’m going to leave her link for her website and really go check it out.  I can’t say enough about her.  She has got so much going on that I have a hard time keeping up but she is really the inspiration and motivation that I need to get my day/week/month Life going.  I also love her title, “Theresetgirl !!!”  Everyone needs a reset and she’s just the one to help you to get that reset.  Here’s her link to everything Reset

Here are a few of my pictures of some of the things she got me going with.  I literally love getting my day going with all of her crafty projects.  It’s just so inspiring and makes my life fun !!!  We all need to have fun.  


























But wait, stay with me blogger’s because I have Christy and she is just as amazing.  The name of her planner store is Scarletlime, The Planner Society ❤  I started my planner with her supplies.  It’s been so long ago, I don’t even remember where I found her or how I got hooked up with her but I’m so thankful I did.  Her products are amazing.  Top of the line, just beautius !!!  Here is the link to, “The Planner Society.”  She too is on Instagram.

These are her monthly Kits for April and there are no words that I can use that will let you know just how happy this makes my day and how much I look forward to the kits every month.













I love planning and using these planner kits and supplies bring beauty into my day, into my world.  There’s only one problem I have with my planner supplies and that’s organizing them all.  That’s a 1st world problem and really doesn’t bother me or the husband (he’s a great guy and doesn’t need perfect order, that’s one of the reasons we work ❤ ).  I don’t really don’t mind because I am a very visual person.  If I don’t see it, I don’t have it.  That’s why I have 3 bottles of just about everything, ketchup, shampoo, yadayadayada…Here’s my planner that I use Christy’s #theplannersociety to set up my monthly layouts.  Oh and her name is Serena, my planner 😉












I’m hoping you’ll checkout their websites and Happy Planning…Thank you Cori and Christy for making my planner world beautius…I hope you know you can never retire 😉  Blessing’s to all those who create a beautiful world ❤

These are notes I scribble down to put into my Commonplace Book when I have time to do it.

I forgot to mention my (C)ommonplace Book.  I’ve had that one for a long time too.  Was just thrilled when Cori started one.  I use that to write all of the things, quotes, memories, etc. that I want to remember.  I use it a lot when I’m writing…Here are a few pictures of my Commonplace Book…















Now I’m done with this post…I hope you are enjoying the AtoZChallenge blogger’s.  I know I am.  Blessings to you, this week ❤


8 Comments on “Cori & Christy…My Planner Heros !!!

  1. Sorry about your hockey team losing. Looks like the planning lady has a lot of good products. I just happened to see your name in the roster at A2Z and dropping in. I usually see you at Song Lyric Sunday. Check out my A2Z if you get a chance 🙂

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