Banking, Bob Seger/Turn the Page, Box Stickers/A5 Planner

Good Tuesday Afternoon AtoZ Blogger’s.  I’m getting a late start today with my Challenge post.  The husband woke me up (ughhh) early today b/c he got up late and needed a ride to the train.  He usually takes the bus, which he catches right in front of the house but today he slept in.  I can’t really get to irritated because he’s a great guy and  he can sleep in if he wants too.  He’s a hard worker and a great provider and really it was 8am which is not that early.

As it worked out I got to do my (B)anking and get that out of the way plus there’s a Target right by the (B)ank so this morning it was going to Target with money and that’s always a blast.  Got a bunch of stuff I really didn’t need but who cares, “Buy the shoes, Eat the Cake !!!”  Life is too short.

If you’ve followed my blog, you know I usually will have some music on it because music is my life.  “Without a song, a day would never end.  Without a song, a man ain’t got a friend. Without a song, the road would never bend.  Without a song…So I’ll keep sining a song.”  Elvis

Today because it’s the letter, “B”  I’m going to put up a song from one of our (me and the husband) fav’s Mr. Bob Seger…Turn the Page from 1973.  I remember him singing this song, smoking a cigarette (yes I know, but back in the day everyone smoked and we thought we were cool 😉 )because we were, until we had to quit 😦  Well I think that was the day I totally fell in love with him and I knew he was my forever.  Every time this song comes on, I make him sing it because I just love the way he sings it.  He’s very cool ❤

Mike loves Patti
My Forever

I know I’m getting a bit off topic but I’m just trying to put something in here for everyone…Now I’ll show you my planner, “Mz. Serena.”  These are the new April (B)ox stickers that came in my kit for April.

 These are an add on, but they really make a difference to your planner page.  I use these sparingly because I only get 8, plus some extras stickers, but they are special so they get used for special days ❤  I hope you are enjoying the challenge.  I know I am…Happy Tuesday, Happy Blogging Challenge…

Footnote, our (B)lackhawks are still in the hunt, just barely.  They tied last night and did pick up 1 point.  Who knows, maybe they can pull it off.  That would be amazing if they did.  

I’ll give you a few pictures of my TN’s/Travelor’s Notebook.  They are really my favorite and get the most use because I take them out with me wherever I go.  I’m in the car a lot doing errands, picking up the husband, shopping.  I keep the coupons in there, I write a lot while I’m waiting, yadayadayad…I’ll put up some of the A5 tomorrow  🙂



















5 Comments on “Banking, Bob Seger/Turn the Page, Box Stickers/A5 Planner

  1. Really sad that Bob Seger is not coming around our area on his last tour. We had tickets but he had to cancel and when he rescheduled he didn’t pick the same venues. Love your planner stuff too. So much!!

  2. Just popped in from the A to Z blog challenge. Interesting post and yes, I too like Bob Seger’s music.
    Blessings from Geoff in South Africa.

    • Wow, well you get the farthest away award comment !!! Do tell me, what is South Africa like. Is it winter or summer, rainy, 😉 Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy South Africa

    • I love everything Music ❤ I got that gift from mom. She can play so many instruments, piano, french horn, yadayadayada. She's self taught. Her dad was a mover back in the Depression and someone gave him a piano and he took it home and the rest is history. She became an RN but she did pass that music gene on to all of us. Thanks for stopping by, HappyAtoZ 😉

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