AtoZ Blogging Challenge – “A”


This AtoZ Blogging Challenge is going to be about my planner’s.  But I’m going to start from the beginning of my Planner /Journaling road and today’s letter is perfect.  I started planning/journaling because of a book I read in school.  That book would be,”The Diary of (A)nne Frank.”  That book had such a profound impact on my life, well there are just no words for how that shaped my world. 

So for today and the letter “A” will be for Mz. Anne Frank.  But there is more to this story than her.  I am also an Archiver, Blogger and Writer.   I  love things from the past.  Anyone who knows me, certainly would agree with that statement.  The husband sketched a picture of her for me, he’s a great guy ❤  I have kept a plethora of newspapers, magazines, pictures anything that tells me a story worth keeping and remembering.  I know that the past is over, gone but what do they say about the past…If you don’t learn from the past, you will be doomed to repeat it.  

When I think about the past, I don’t dwell on the negativity of things.  There’s just no reason for that. I just love remembering and I try to keep everything Archiver safe, which is no easy task…  

As I was driving today running errands, I remembered what the husband told me.  He said, “The past are your review mirrors and your future is the windshield.  Do you see the difference in the size. The windshield is much larger than the rearview mirrors.  It’s necessary to see what’s in back of  you, but so much more important to see what’s right in front of you.  Hopefully you’ll go in the direction that is best for your life and not make a wrong turn and get lost.”  That said it all for me.  Okay I’m done pontificating now we can get to the fun stuff.

It’s been a great day.  I got all three of my (A)pril planner kits.  My favorite day of the month is when they come.  So exciting !!!!  Yes I get three b/c you never know if your going to need something extra.  So for today I’m just going to show you the April kits from The Planner Society (link to her shop below) and I’ll leave the rest of what I do with all my planner stuff for future letters…

This is the link for The Planner Society.  She has one of the best planner supply kits.  Really if you are interested, check her out !!!  She’s also on Instagram.

I’ve also started my Crafty Club Playbook/Spring Edition for April.  I’m going to be so busy with the planning and writing.  I’ll try to keep posting and show you how it’s working out.  I’m really excited to dig into this ❤

Here’s the link for the Crafty Club Playbook.  It’s really very cool…

I will be letting you in on my Commonplace Book too.  That’s another really fun one.  I started this one along time ago.  I use it to write in anything quotes, ideas, yadayadayada.  It’s a fun book too.

Let me know what you think and good luck with the Challenge blogger’s.  This is my 4th year doing the challenge and I just love it.  Make sure you visit other people’s blog, it’s a great group of people out there in the blogosphere and  it’s fun to see what people are up too.  Also a great place to make some new friends, but as always when dealing with the computer be safe.  Happy AtoZ Challenge  ❤

One final thought, I’m so sorry to say it looks as if our Chicago Blackhawks season is just about over 😦  They ran out of road, so looks like it’ll have to be maybe next year.  I really hope so b/c now that baseball has started, well I just don’t get into that as much as my hockey guys !!!  


7 Comments on “AtoZ Blogging Challenge – “A”

  1. I loved the Diary of Anne Frank too. Just re-read it last year. Pretty planning supplies and the Playbook looks like a lot of fun. Nice A.

    • Thanks for stopping by Mz. Janet. I want to know more about that sketchbook. I will go look 👀 at it. I’m sure I’ll have many thoughts knit…

  2. I love lists so planners should really be my kind of thing, but I’ve never found one that isn’t full of things I don’t want. I tend to buy an A4 size diary and make my own version

    • I always make my own…I’ll use an outline but I have planners from Websterspages, Franklin Covey, The Happy Planner. I really love, love, love ❤ the TN i.e. Travelor Notebooks. Those are fun. Maybe we'll help each other along. Happy Planning ❤ Happy Tuesday ❤

  3. I loved reading the Anne Frank diary as a kid too. I was always curious as to what happened and how her family was discovered. :-/

    • I believe they were discovered after the Germans heard some noises in the attic and after that they were found, they were all sent to a camp. (Not the same one, they were split up) Right before we got there (the Americans) and liberated those poor people from the camps, she died of Typhus. She died about 2 weeks before the camp was liberated…It was very sad. Her dad survived and published her diary ❤ She actually just kept notes and put them in them in a calendar type book. Her father was actually the one who turned into, “The Diary of Anne Frank.” He was in a different camp. Anne, her mother and sister Margo I believe all died in the same camp. God Bless those poor people who I am quite sure are in Heaven ❤

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