The writing prompt for today’s #SoCS is, drum roll please…..”What was the last piece of mail you received.  Totally fitting with today.  It is Saturday and the last piece of mail I received yesterday was a bill from the doctor.  Actually the last 2 pieces of mail I received yesterday was a bill from the doctor.  One for me and one for the husband.  This post is part of #SoCS… 

We have both been so sick.  It all started at the beginning of March when he went to Houston.  Ironically I didn’t go because I said I didn’t want to be on a plane.  I always come home with some kind of nasty flu bug when I fly.  So instead he came home with a really bad URI i.e. bronchitis and ended up at the Doctor’s on Monday, March 11th.  The doctor started him right away on some antibiotics and he was home all week.  Immediately after that, I came down with a nasty flu bug..103 degrees fever for much of the week.  I didn’t go to the doctor’s because I knew it was viral and there was pretty much nothing that he could do for me.  

Fast forward to today, Saturday March 23rd and we can definitely say we are better.  The husband got back to work on Monday and I finally am fever free for the first time in about 2 weeks…So it’s not been a great spring so far.

 One great thing too was we were still able to make it to the Blackhawk’s game on Thursday, Y A Y !!!  Here’s a video of the beginning of the game…This one’s for you Mr. Connie ❤  



It’s great being healthy.  I did lose about 6 lbs. which was a good thing.  Getting the bikini body back in shape for the summer 😉  

8 Comments on “#SocSaturday

  1. Glad you are feeling better. A week is a long time to be sick! Cool opening for the Blackhawks. Our Sharks come out through a big shark head. It’s kinda cool but I like your ice show. Happy Saturday.

    • Thanks for stopping by Mz. Janet…It is a really cool place to watch hockey. The Mad House on Madison and it is usually rockin !!! Wish they had a better year, but they are still our guys and we love them ❤ OMG it's so nice to be among the living again !!!

  2. Glad you both are better now, but hope those pesky germs stay away so you can enjoy spring! 🌷☀️🌷☀️

    • You and me both Mz. Virginia !!! All it takes is one bought with the flu to know how blessed you are when you are healthy. Happy Saturday ❤

  3. I think I counted at least four SoCS posts that had something to do with a doctor’s bill and/or health insurance. Mine included. Sad that that and catalogs are the most common mail these days! Glad you are feeling better.

    • Oh I’m definitely better…Happy to have survived the flu and once again be back in the land of the living !!!! Happy Sunday ❤

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