Happy Thursday

Is it January b/c it sure feels like it.  Cloudy and Cold…I’m so done with this winter.  Meteorologist Mark when is it going to get warm.  I’m really very unhappy with March so far 😦  I follow his blog because I guess I’m not the only weather geek out there.  He’s lucky b/c he probably sees the severe stuff.  Once in awhile it can get pretty wonky up here, but not as much as down south.

I made it to our Catholic services yesterday and  got ashes. I also was able to set up my prayer corner with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Our place is a bit small and I wasn’t sure where to put it but then I found the perfect spot.  The husband probably won’t be happy about it b/c now he’ll have to sleep on the other side of the bed, but oh well…  Didn’t do to well with the fasting, but I didn’t eat meat so I’m thinking I tried so that should be okay.  I kept eating those stupid, “Peeps.”  Probably gained 10 lbs from all that sugar. I have stocked up on them and made sure I poked holes in all the packages b/c they are better when they get stale 😉  

I wanted to go to Red Lobster, but the husband went to Houston and didn’t want to go alone.  He’s home today.  I was suppose to go with him but it was such a quick trip I decided to stay home and just hang.  He left Tuesday at noon, stayed in Houston on Wednesday, and is flying home right now…I always get sick i.e. colds/flu when I fly, so I just took a pass this time.

My journaling prompt for today is, “Faith makes it possible, not easy.”  Totally agree and that’s very comforting to know.  Happy Thursday and safe travels to the husband ❤  See you soon ❤ 

That’s my Thursday, almost Friday…Y A Y !!!

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