Ash Wednesday/Lent

Happy Wednesday…Today is the beginning of Lent.  I am a Catholic, born and raised so this will be the season I prepare and get closer to God.  

Of course we should have some music today.  I’m really all about music.  I went to this musical live w/Ted Neeley !!!  It truly was one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen…

During this season I have a couple of things I will be doing.  I already know what I am giving up and that is between me and God.  I will be reading and art journaling the bible.  I will be posting some of that in the blog so you can see what I’m doing.  I want to read the entire bible before my time up here on earth is over, so this will help to get that goal accomplished.

I’ll be praying the Rosary, one of my favorite prayer’s of all.  Of course abstaining from meat on Friday’s.  I’m getting ashes today and fasting…Which will be a good thing because of all the Pazski’s I ate yesterday 😉  I really did eat too many.  

I wanted to post yesterday because that was Fat Tuesday.  I went to the grocery store and bought some pazski (poonchski’s) I think that’s how its pronounced.  They are just like Boston Cream Donuts or any kind of  fruit filled donut.  My fav is the strawberry.  I ended up with two boxes, because well after today they won’t be back til next year on Fat Tuesday. 


Does anyone else out there in the blogger world do anything for lent.  Blessings on this day, Ash Wednesday ❤

4 Comments on “Ash Wednesday/Lent

  1. Yes I am dedicating y forty days to pray more and be more closer to god. I think about his words forgive them they know not what they do. So very powerful. I don’t really give up anything per day but I do indulge less.

    • That’s really great to know. It’s always a gift from the Holy Spirit to just try. None of us are perfect and I think just the act of trying to get closer to God is good. Blessings on your journey and thank you so much for visiting ❤

      • yeah thanks so much for writing this as it did solidify my intentions and God always has a way of letting me know.

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