Thankful Thursday

Yes it is Thursday and I am so very thankful.  It’s just a regular, boring Thursday.  But I am so thankful for so very much.  I am thankful for being healthy, because nothing else would matter if that were compromised.  If you can get out of bed and  do your day, be thankful.  Never take that for granted.

Tomorrow is Friday and Payday…Y A Y  

I’m  making my Spaghetti  tonight for dinner and watching TV with the husband.  How great is that.  Oh and my Chicago Blackhawk’s are now just right there for a wildcard spot and they beat the Detroit Redwings, Y A Y!!!!    In overtime 🙂  Really don’t like Redwings.  They aren’t going to be there in the end anyways.  They have a poultry 55 points…hahahahah…Oh I’m sorry if there are any Detroit Redwing fans out there trolling me.  Not really…

I am thankful for the days getting longer.  We are almost done with this winter but    I’m afraid not quite yet.51956077_10216272742165024_5920153959841923072_n

I’m thankful for me.  I feel good when I look at the mom in the mirror.  So much to look forward to this year.  Spring/Summer, Vacation’s starting soon, I’m turning 60 this year and we’ll be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary.  That is really cool and we still have such a great time together.  Been to the mountain and back, we’re still growing strong ❤ and your still the one 🙂

Yeah this was one of our, “1st Songs” and I still sing it loud and proud when it comes on the radio when we are together.  He gives me that beautiful, cheeky smile w/a wink that says it all…

My Hockey Guy

Headlight, Portland, ME
Me & the Husband at Duck Donuts




















Yeah life is really great when you spend it with the one you love…He’s my person, he’s my forever ❤  There’s a reason I have such a great smile in all those pictures.  It’s because of all the hard balls that life has thrown at us, it’s just life and he makes sure we never get hit…Those pictures are what 40 years of love look like ❤

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