Day 1/February 7th

Woke up this morning and looked at what day it was, February 7th…OMG yeah I’ll be in bed all day.  Not really, but figuratively.  I definitely will be home which is a good thing.  Today is an anniversary of sorts.   38 years ago today, (it was a Saturday) I was in a very serious car accident that forever changed my life.  All for the better, I have to say.  Many lessons were learned and the trajectory of my life was forever changed, again for good 🙂  Definitely need some music to listen to as I write/remember this…

The Accident 

It was a typical Saturday morning.  I was a young 20 something, healthy, married to the love of my life ❤  Remember when ❤




Great job working in the city.  Just had purchased a new car.  It was a Datson, stick shift i.e. (OMG I’m really dating myself) Nissan.   I had no idea how to drive a stick shift.  The husband had to teach me how to drive a stick and I was learning, but I had a long way to go.  I definitely had no business driving it out on the open road.  I was so not ready.  If you don’t shift it right, the car stalls.  Enough said…

That Saturday we were going to a family friend’s wedding.  I had been to the shower and all the pre-wedding festivities.  We were very close to this family, you could almost say we were “Family” as we had gone through life together.  Probably 18 years of my life.  They were our neighbor’s from across the street.  They were a family of  8 and we were a family of 6.  Both of our mom’s were RN’s and the both of our dad’s worked for the railroad. Their family was 3 boys and 3 girls, ours was 4 girls. Okay back to a typical Saturday morning…

Because we were going to the wedding that evening, I wanted to go get my hair done.  I also had a Dr’s. appt. that morning.  I weighed in at 120lbs. (what I would do for that now).  After that  I went to the mall to get my hair styled for the wedding.  We had been in a fight because on Friday night after working late, he had been in a car accident.  I was mad because it scared me so.  He had fallen asleep at the wheel and woke up right before he hit the viaduct.  He was in a very sketchy part of the city (Chicago) and covered in blood he walked to IDK where and had someone call an ambulance for him. This was before the cellular era, no cell phones…  It was very hard seeing him all bruised and battered.  He could’ve been killed !!!!  I told him he shouldn’t work so late b/c of that very reason.  He worked very hard all week and I didn’t like him being out that late in the city.  Being so tired after working, he could very well fall asleep and well you know.  I hated being right and being able to say, “See I told you so but, I TOLD YOU SO !!!!”  Anyway, little did I know that was just the beginning of what would be a very challenging, life altering time to our story.  

to be continued…

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