Day 2 of the Polar Vortex

I think I’ll start with this post with a youtube video because it helps me to feel better about all this coldness…She said it best, “Let it go, Let it go, the Cold never bothered me anyway ❤ ”  Frozen

I am really so done with this winter.  Is January even over.  Oh yeah, today’s the last day…January 31st.  Me and the husband did venture out yesterday because I just couldn’t stay in all day.  This is what the car said the temperature was at around noon…gaakwsrmtr2buyvx5rp4skw

Our weather guy was on tv too showing us what we could expect.  It wasn’t pretty…


One more day of staying in, but I’m going to make some soup,”Favorite Baked Potato Soup,” with some crusty french bread and my sloppy joes.   I’ll make some cupcakes too for dessert.  Baking always warms the soul if nothing else.   I should work on my planner’s and get this weather event recored in my, “10 year Weather Journal….”

I think I’ll also make up my menu for the Super Bowl this Sunday.  I know I’m going to make my Sweet Cream Cheese Oreo Football.  It’s really great ❤  Time to warm up Old Dollar (the car) and see if we can get to Starbucks and the Grocery store…Stay warm and safe for God’s sake.  The stories that are coming out about people dying b/c of this weather, don’t take chances…

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