#Oneliner Wednesdays/Baby it’s Cold Outside

Remembering the good times..

“The best thing about good old days is that we were neither good nor old.”

This was so true.  As I was driving to get the husband from the train the other night, this song was on the radio and it brought me think of  back in the days…

Found this on youtube.  Love the song and love the Performing Arts Highschool (Glee) dancing to this.  Remembering when the boys were going to the Chicago Academy for the Arts.  Good times, and great memories ❤

I’m  going to put up a link to Mz. Linda Hill’s blog since that’s where One Liner Wednesday started I think.   

I’ll be staying in all day, doing pretty much nothing…Probably binging Netflix and baking something good to eat.  Two of my favorite things to do.  Husband wants to brave the outside and go to Starbuck’s, OMG !!!!  I’m down with that.  I’ll take some pics of the coldness.

This is what my bedroom windows and the kitchen windows looked like this morning when I woke up..OMG it’s really cold outside !!!!   I did try to keep the cold air out with the towels…Didn’t do much good, but the electric blanket worked wonderfully.  Thank You ❤

4 Comments on “#Oneliner Wednesdays/Baby it’s Cold Outside

    • I know right … we’re fine though under our electric blanket!!! Another day of this and we’ll be out of the big chill 🥶🥶🥶

  1. It really has been chilly! I’m up in Ontario, but I think you’ve had it worse than us. We only got down to -35. And Sunday it’s supposed to rain all day. Go figure!
    Thanks for linking Scarlett. 🙂

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