A Blast from the Past …

Hi John Holton.  First this painting the husband did was his interpretation of walking across a bridge/Chicago River.  I thought you might enjoy these pictures too. I took them before they closed the store…It was extremely traumatic when they did this.  Probably one of the reasons I don’t go down to the city much anymore.  I really loved that store.  When I worked down there, that was the place me and the husband always met for lunch.  I loved, loved, loved the windows at Christmastime…the anticipation with them blocked off before they showed them, so much fun!!!  It was a thing we always did at Christmas, go look at the windows.  Ahh time marches on and sometimes not for good.  I miss the big girl on the block.  There will never be another one, and I just don’t get into Macy’s.  I use to love, “Field Days.”  It was the only time I really could afford to shop there.  Great sales !!!  Oh well enjoy Mr. John and I hope your weekend is going good.









 This is how my weekend is going and it’s been spent inside eating leftover’s from dinner last night, which was really good…A wonderful filet mignon sandwich from Sullivan’s Steak House that me and the husband split.  Hope you don’t mind I shared a link to your blog.  I just learned how to do that I just want to make sure I don’t forget 😉 …  I really need to get busy and do January 12 – SoCS – “art”


Snowstorm/January 12, 2019
Snowstorm, January 12, 2019

And this is the storm missing us, really…

2 Comments on “A Blast from the Past …

  1. There are some memories… I just went out to eBay looking for a couple of these items, and they’re selling for a fortune.

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