Mz. Rose

We need some music to get this day started…This is a great song to get the blood pumping and maybe even get you up and Dance !!!  I could see our Matthew dancing in a music video.  I really love this guy and his music ❤

Good Thursday morning !!!  Husband woke me up early (8am) needed a ride to the train this morning.  That’s fine, he’s such a great guy and he usually takes the bus that stops right out in front of the house but I guess he wanted to sleep in which is okay.  He works so hard and it was really cold this morning, 18 degrees with I’m sure a wind chill.

It was a really good day yesterday, except the Blackhawks lost in overtime.  At least they got a point.  Still my favorite thing to do, watch hockey.  I really didn’t watch, more like listened to the game.  I was playing with my new planner.  Here’s some of the layout I did yesterday.

OMG it’s almost Friyay…Woot Woot 🙂  So much better than Hump Day  ❤  I’m doing nothing today except throwing things away.  I love those days.  It’s close to a religious ceremony when I give myself permission to throw stuff away.   I’ll have my planning session to get ready for the weekend.  So much loving life ❤  

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