Another Great Day !!!!

Just checked on the delivery date for my new 2019 Planner…Mz. Rose.  Y A Y  she’s out for delivery.  So excited, I can’t wait, and it’s nearly Friyay.  We all know what that is 🙂  Here is some pics of  Mz. Rose from 2018. img_1783

Isn’t she beautius !!!  And I’ve got my #plannersociety kit already and waiting to go.  So the house is, “Company Clean.”  (The housecleaner’s came yesterday)  It’s Hump Day, Y A Y, only a day and a half til Friday.  Life is good, survived the flu, and I don’t have to go out today in this awful, awful bitter cold and windy weather…My poor husband, he’s a bull.  I feel so sorry for him having to battle Chicago Winter’s…He even painted a picture of how it feels walking across this bridge he takes to work.  Yeah I’d say this painting about sums up how he must feel today.  I’m soooo lucky to have a guy like this in my life.  He takes such good care of us ❤  I love you husband ❤  Life is good…and our Chicago Blackhawks are on tonight Y A Y


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