Year of the Planner Girl

So I forgot to add music, I am a huge Musical Theatre person and whenever you read my blog there’s always a song.  Because what would a day be w/o a song ❤

So yes I have jumped right in with my planner’s, but I’m still waiting for my daily planner.  I am lost w/o her.  I have been trying to improvise but it hasn’t been working.  I have however started on one of my projects this year.  This would be my #craftyclubplaybook and #listersgottalist (for January).  It’s all part of the journey my friend 😉

Here’s some of my #listersgottalist for January.  Next month my #listersgottalist will be in my #craftyclubplaybook.  If anyone is interested in joining in on the fun here’s the link to where I get all my planner/crafter goodness.  It’s a great community, you should check it out.

Here is my #listersgottalist for January.  Next month it will be in my #craftyclubplaybook.  I’m really loving it ❤



















Happy Saturday to all the blogger’s out there.  Warm and sunny weekend here in the Midwest.  Has anyone seen the winter?  Looks like it has gotten lost for this year.  Y A Y  stay that way.  One day closer to Spring.


2 Comments on “Year of the Planner Girl

    • I just leave my book open out on my desk and everytime I walk by I’ll add something and take a pic…I love when you stop by, you too inspire me…Happy Saturday ❤

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