It’s going to be a Planner kind of year…Y A Y

This is my beginning, the start of my new year…How are you starting your new  year, blogger’s ???  I am starting with what I love to do.  My passion, planning and organization.   Oh and I can’t forget writing…

This is the year, the year I get it going.  No I haven’t made any New Year Resolution’s, but I do have a plan.  The plan is really simple…”Write it down, Make it happen.”  That’s it.  I have already started on my planner’s, because you need a place to write down the plan…I really love, love, love the planner.  She’s so pretty. 


This is the, “Mother Ship.”  This is where I plan my month and the my week…It also keeps all my information that I need.  Account numbers, appt., phone numbers, yadayadayada.  Oh and it never needs to be charged or gets hacked !!!!  Bam !!!  She stays home on my planner desk where it’s safe and nothing can happen to her.  I  use my TN when I go out.  It fits in nicely in my purse.   I’m busy getting that one set up, pictures will follow.

 I have set-up a goal TN/Travelor’s Notebook.  This will be helping to keep me focused on the prize or the plan.  Oh my two words of the year are, “Simplify” and “Believe”.


 I hope everyone had great holidays.  We did except our Chicago Blackhawks lost the Winter Classic.  Was so glad we didn’t go.  Saved money and it was really cold out there.  Plus as it turned out I got the flu !!!  I know right :} I was pretty much out of action for the 2 weeks of holiday’s.  Funny how things work out.  Usually exactly how they are suppose too ❤    Love the sweater though.  Husband looked great in it !!!!  ❤  This one’s for you Connie ❤



I’ll keep you posted on my planner follies.  So excited 🙂  Happy Happy !!!

2 Comments on “It’s going to be a Planner kind of year…Y A Y

    • Thanks for stopping by Mz. Janet. I’m all over my Planners’s this year. I’ll be posting a lot about them. Love the New Year 🎊♥️🎊♥️🎊

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