Thankful Thursday

Yes these are the stairs !!! Rumor has it they are the ones from my favorite movie of all time, “Gone With the Wind !! ) ❤

We need some music this morning and this one always gets my blood pumping !!!

I’m going to write my, “Thankful ❤ ” blog today as I will be on my Road Trip next week…I’ll try to put up some post’s next week with cool pictures (I know everyone just loves those 🙂 ) We are going to be out East for the Thanksgiving week. I really love road trips.  I think the journey is the best part of the vacation.  It’s a constant changing picture of everything weather, geography, cuisine… It’s also a comfortable feeling when the place you are going feels like your second home.  Being with family and friends who you don’t see every day, the ocean (which the husband has to go see no matter what).  He loves the Atlantic and I’m pretty sure we will live by it some day.  I have been to Virginia Beach so many times, I have become really good friends with the lady who owns and operates the, “Life is Good,” store.  I go out there #1 because the husband has to see the ocean and #2 I have to go buy some new Life is Good clothing.  It’s just a given when we go see the guys in Richmond, Virginia Beach is out second stop.

The Carpenter Theatre

This is the theater where my guys dance.  I’m sure they are in full, “Nutcracker Mode,” by now.  I can already hear the music, OMG !!

I can’t believe I’m not even there yet and I’m already putting up pictures…Okay this will be my Pre Thankful Thursday blog post.  I’m really looking forward to going there for the donuts.  I dream about these donuts all year long.  We took a picture of Connie at one of my favorite donut bakeries in Richmond.

Connor/Sugar Shack

 The other one is, “Duck Donuts.”  I will definitely be in Donut Heaven…

Me & Duck Donuts
Me & the Husband at Duck Donuts
Me, Husband & Connor at Duck Donuts
Me, Husband & Matthew at Duck Donuts

So you’ve seen a couple of the places and things I will be doing.  No theater this trip but I’ve seen them dance the Nutcracker a gazillion times.   I’m looking forward to February and seeing Cinderella.  We will probably fly then.



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