Good Wednesday Morning blogger’s.  So excited to share one of my passions with all of you.  I am a planner girl.  That is I try to have a plan for everyday.  My #1 Mantra for just about everything I do is, “Write it Down, Make it Happen.”  That is actually a book that I read over and over again, written by Henriette Anne Klauser,  She has other books too that I read, but that is the one that really  hits home for me.

As a homemaker and stay at home mom, (even though all the kids have all flown the nest, Y A Y ) I still run a home.  I also still have to have a support system because everyone needs a support system because that is just how life goes… My #1 piece of my support system is my planner.  There are 2 girls/ladies who I follow that have helped me beyond words with becoming a planner girl.  Those girls are Cori & Cristy.  I’m going to put up their link.  I’m not trying to sell their product, I just want to show you what I’m talking about.  They are amazing, and I love the journey I’m on because of them… 



I’m going to be starting a fresh new planner for 2019.  I also am doing for the first time Cori’s #listersgottalist and I am having so much fun with that.  You should definitely check out their sites.  Very cool stuff…I’m going to post some of my Pics on the #listersgottslist challenge.  Let me know what you think, Blessings on your day ❤
































I hope you enjoy what I’ve created.  It literally changes my day and gives me hope in so many ways ❤   

Oh and I’m a musical theater coo coo bird so I always include a song with my blog’s.  My family is all about that, professional ballet dancer’s & musicians (or he use to be). Enjoy this is one of my favorites from the Musical, (“Wicked ❤ )

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